Pointing to NAS/library of music on Hard Drive. How do I see this?

  • 2 February 2017
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Would like to access my 'well' of music on external Hard Drive (NAS). Do I have to make this a playlist? What kind of prep/formatting is necessary to see the many gigs of music I have here?

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2 replies

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Unless I'm missing the core intent of your question.....

Don't have a window's Sonos app, but in Mac, you'd go to Preferences>Music Library> hit the "+" to add a location, tell it it is on a NAS and enter the path to the music location....

Depending on the volume of music, you *could* run into limits of what the Sonos System can store with regards to number of files, tags, etc... but as for how to point to it... it is just in the app...

... apologies if I missed the core of your question....
Thanks for responding. I'm running on Mac. My NAS is connected to an Airport Time Capsule via USB. I can't seem to get through the user name/pw screen when following the Preferences>Music Library> hit the "+" - etc... i've used both the AirPort Time Capsule name and/or Lan IP address both won't clear with my name and pw. ALRIGHT....you are awesome...as I was typing my response back to you, I worked through all of the different possibilities.... It has come down to having the right username/pw for the AirPort not the master computer pw. So, I discovered that your hd does not need to be formatted and that you CAN point your Sonos App to the external hard drive without creating a special file/interface/directive. Thank you.