Podcasts on older Sonos after iOS streaming ends

  • 23 July 2019
  • 4 replies

I mostly listen to Podcasts streamed from the Apple Podcast app on my iOS phone streamed directly from the phone. I am getting notice that streaming from iOS devices will soon be removed from Sonos. None of my existing 6 Sonos speakers except a new Play 5 support Apple Airplay 2.

What is is the easiest/best way to continue playing podcasts without buying all new speakers, switching to android, downloading all my podcasts to a service like Google Play, using my laptop (in the shower), or using an app I’ve seen mentioned in this forum called Pocket Cast that has more total 1 and 2-star reviews than it has 5-star ones?

In in other words how can I keep streaming podcasts from my iPhone to my 5 Play:1 and Play:3 speakers in the future?

Thanks for for any advice.

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4 replies

Airplay them to the Play:5 and group in any rooms you want to listen in.

Or these alternatives:

Note: Adding them to your library on your PC does not mean you can only listen to them using the controller on your PC. Any library indexed on a PC/Mac will be available from every controller device you use.
Thanks for the link and Play 5 suggestion.

I had seen the support article, which to summarize, says: use Android, use a laptop, or use the podcast portion of Tune In Radio instead of Apple Podcasts, which out of habit I was just being resistant.

I had not thought of Airplaying to the Play 5 and grouping to it and just turning down the volume of the Play 5. It’s slightly inelegant starting in the Podcast app and finishing in the Sonos app, but entirely workable.

Unless others have additional suggestions, that or shifting over to Tune In’s podcast tab will be my likely solution.

Do so we know yet when iOS “Play From My Device” support goes away?
No date has been set.
I have to be a tad tongue in cheek here. No date has been set that has been announced.

I'm sure that Sonos will post information about a date as soon as they're able to do so. We don't know if they've set a date internally.