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  • 26 January 2020
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Greetings. I am trying to get into the podcast “The Big Picture” from “Ringer”. It’s available on apple services and you can download certain episodes. Unfortunately, I can’t locate it in the usual Sonos subscription services. So, to my question, when I make a folder “SONOSFILES” on my hard drive, I *am* able to link it in Sonos (i.e. I can find it in “my folders”) but when I go to search for the podcast file I place within that folder - a .mp3 - it is not there, even after updating the music library.

1 reply

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Hey @Nickwh


Thank you for reaching out to the Sonos Community.


I understand that you are trying to find the podcast called "The Big Picture" from The Ringer. I checked on our systems here and I was able to find the podcast on Spotify as well as Stitcher. It looks like the podcast only appears on their respective services. May I ask what are the music services on Sonos that you have when you were looking for that podcast?