Podcast Issues

  • 24 January 2018
  • 6 replies

Experiencing problems with podcast usability, playback, and controls.

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6 replies

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Hi there, djmattingly1. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. What exactly are you experiencing with Podcasts? Are you using the iOS Podcasts app? The more details we have the better we can assist. Feel free to submit a diagnostic report and reply with the confirmation number it gives at the end of the process.

Hey Keith,

First off, I apologize for a very bare description (i thought I would post the entire post in a different section. My mistake.)

I am experiencing these issues while using the podcasts through the AppStore. I have successfully found them on the Sonos app (i’m aware they have to be fully downloaded to be visible, which is fine and works well.). I am using an iPhone 6s with the most up to date software (iOS 11.2.2) and recently downloaded the latest update for the Sonos app (8.3) as well as my speakers themselves.

The main issues are the following:
1). Random Drop Outs/Disconnections: the app displays an error message that says: “Unable to play podcast (xyz) - Connection to iPhone was lost.”

2). **I am not able to adjust the time of the podcast (this is the biggest problem):
- no dot/slider to pick up where I left off from a random dropout (which means I have to start from the beginning)
- no +\- 15 second scrubbing option
- no fast forward/rewind option

3). The “Remaining Time” always shows “-0:00,” while the time elapsed continues normally

Thank you for your help and support.
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No worries at all, djmattingly1. Happy to help. Let's go down the issues one-by-one.

1) Random Dropouts / Disconnects - This is something we can address or at least shed some light into what the cause is for the disconnects and advise on next steps. In order for us to get started, please submit a diagnostic report and reply with the confirmation number it gives at the end. Additionally, any information about your local network would be most helpful. Things like the make and model of your router and any wireless extenders will paint a colorful picture for us to work with. 😃

2) Scrubbing / Playback Control - As a podcast listener myself, I understand how helpful fast forward / scrubbing can be. This is something we've had a couple feature requests for in the past. I am happy to add your name to the list for this and forward this topic along to the team. The team is always listening and looking for ways to make Sonos better.

3) Chances are this is due to the connectivity issues talked about in issue #1. While the audio content may still be coming through some metadata may lag or be missing. I'm confident that if you were to get the first issue resolved it should, in turn, fix this problem.

Once we get the diagnostic report, we can dig in and see how Sonos is passing data.
Hey Keith,

Diagnostic Report #: 8406522
Local Network:
- Modem: Netgear CM500
- Router: Apple AirPort Base Station (7.7.9 firmware up to date)
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Perfect. Thanks for the details. The diagnostic report shows each speaker is having a hard time maintaining a strong connection to the AirPort. So much so that about 35-50% of data has to be passed multiple times to before being successful. This causes dropouts like you are experiencing. Is it possible to plug any of these units directly into the AirPort using an Ethernet cable? Doing so will change how Sonos passes data and could get us a more robust connection.

Afterwards, test out podcasts and submit another diagnostic report. I'll take a look and compare the results.
Hello, I have Sonos controller 8.3.1 for iPhone and I also am noticing that the audio position control does not function for downloaded podcasts. There is a dim grey line with the current time position on the left, but there is no "dot" to control the position in the podcast. This is pretty important simple functionality for podcasts especially when you need to rewind or come back to it later at a specific position in a long podcast. Please add my name to the list of people requesting that this basic functionality be put into the controller. I noticed that the position dot control is present when playing mp3's, just not downloaded podcasts.