pls explain amazom music playlists

  • 9 January 2020
  • 6 replies

i created 1 large playlist i.e. 1300 songs

but it would only play the earliest ones in the list

i learned the limit was 500

i broke it up into 4 playlists all < 500

i select playlist 1 and say shuffle

it actually shuffles between all 4 playlists and seems to play the same songs over & over

i have almost 2000 songs, i shouldn’t hear the same song during the 8 hrs i listen

6 replies

I agree that Amazon music playlists work better on Echo devices than they do via the Sonos app. This makes the Sonos claim of offering a choice of music services on their “ independent of any music service” speakers a less valid one.

It’s up to Amazon to use the API provided by Sonos to provide the interface in the Sonos ecosystem. To the best of my knowledge, Sonos doesn’t alter what the third party decides to make use of, or not. This is why some of the streaming services appear to have differences. Each company composes their own usage of the API.

 Each company composes their own usage of the API.

I think it is not that one-sided, but I am guessing here. Because IF - and that is a big if - Amazon wanted to leverage Sonos speakers to increase subscriptions to Amazon Music, why would they hold back from doing all that Echo devices can do while playing Amazon Music?

In any case, such limitations come in the way of the Sonos aspiration to be agnostic, because for that to be true, if I wanted to play Amazon Music via Alexa, it should not matter to me what hardware I use to access it, and it should also be in Sonos’s interest to make that to be so.

For the OP - this discovery of the 500 limit makes the Amazon Music integration into the Sonos app useless for me. 

But there is another way - use the Amazon Music app on your phone to start the music play of the full playlist, and then cast the stream to the target Sonos speaker from the app. It will then start playing directly to Sonos bypassing the Sonos app.

i am actually using a Crestron system to control the Connect

i have to create the playlists in Amazon Music, then add them to my Sonos in the app

from the Crestron side i get to pick my playlists

why does it play across all 4 playlists?

why can’t it play all the songs in my playlists on shuffle?


does Tidal work better?