Playlist Transfers But Not The Albums Within Playlists, Why?

  • 11 December 2017
  • 1 reply

I'm new to Sonos. I have several dozen albums in iTunes. Many of these are in different playlists. When I pointed Sonos to My Music subfolder in my Windows 10 main file folder it found the itunes playlists and all the albums in those playlists. Everything shows up & plays in the various imported playlist folders of Sonos but the albums themselves don't show up in the Sonos "Albums" directory. Why is that? I'd like to be able to assign the various albums to different playlists in Sonos. Thanks

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1 reply

I have a similar problem with about one-third of my tracks not having the album and artist data (meta-data) in the Sonos app. You can right click on a track in the song menu, select Info and Options, to review the data. There should be an artist and an album entry that is used for the sorting in the app. I have posted a ticket to support and will come back around if they lead me to an answer on this missing data.

You can check your iTunes to be sure this information is complete there. There is another post about duplicate "iTunes music library.xml" files that may be worth looking into.