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  • 25 April 2019
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Hi Everyone,

I've recently joined the Sonos family with a couple of Sonos One, (a Gen 1 & Gen 2), and am really happy with them.

Although I'm an Apple Mac user I've never bothered using iTunes, so my music files are located in a seperate location and handled by Swinsian Music Player app. I've set the path to my collection in the Sonos Mac app and it's working fine.

My Swinsian playlists are exported as .m3u8 files to a Playlist folder, but despite adding the path to this folder in the Sonos app, no files are visible either in the Imported Playlists section or in the Folders section of My Music Library.

Any clues as to why they're not available?


Best answer by ratty 25 April 2019, 12:45

Sonos doesn't support M3U8. You'd need to export as M3U.
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6 replies

Sonos doesn't support M3U8. You'd need to export as M3U.
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Thanks ratty, I'll have to look into converting them then, as Swinsian doesn't have an option to use M3U.
Hmm. Maybe this is pre-determined by macOS then. M3U8 is the Unicode version of M3U. M3U is of course nice and simple: just a list of file paths.

Do you have any control over export format at all? PLS is a common format that Sonos can also read.
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No, there's no control, either at the point of export or in the app preferences unfortunately.
What happens if you simply rename the files from *.m3u8 to *.m3u? Sonos should definitely pick the files up on an index scan. The question is whether it will then be able to read the contents.

If that doesn't work, the obvious next step is to try a straightforward UTF-8 to ASCII text conversion. There are plenty of online tools for that.
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Thanks ratty, the simplest solution, rename the extension worked! 🙂