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I am going to a friend's house to 'DJ' a party of his with one of my playlists on my phone. I can access his wifi and subsequently sonos and play from my iphone any playlists i have. However, some of the songs i have as part of my playlist come from apple music streaming service. Those songs have been downloaded to my phone so they aren't being 'streamed' per se. When I try to view the playlist within sonos [On this phone, playlists, playlist #1] the apple music songs don't show up when they are part of my playlist on the phone! I have apple music activated on the phone, on sonos but they are not showing up in the playlist. why does sonos exclude this music from the playlist?

do I have to buy the song from itunes, download it and make it part of the library on the phone and replace the same song that was downloaded from the streaming service? will sonos now see it? anyone have any ideas on how to deal with this? your help is appreciated!!! Jeff

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I have the same problem ... Could do with an answer before my wife throws her phone at me or trashes my various Sonos speakers!
I suggest that your wife finds something manufactured by Apple to trash, as this is an Apple restriction.
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So you can only play music that is on your phone when not on your system. Not a playlist that is from a streaming service. I am sure there are several work arounds one would be to use the 3.5 jack out to an 3.5 input to a Play5 then you would be able to stream.
Welll it appears that any songs part of my playlist that originate from Apple's streaming service are NOT allowed or part of the playlist sonos will read. This is either because the downloaded file from apple's streaming service is encrypted somehow or sonos can't read them. One or the other. I figured out how to fix the problem. I spent $10 and downloaded the 10 songs from the itunes store. I replaced my versions from the streaming service with the purchased copies and the songs all appear in sonos! I'd really like to say that this is an 'easy fix' but when a product like sonos 'supports' the apple music service AND i pay for that service so i'm not stealing anything, that Sonos should recognize files that are either songs that I've ripped myself (legally), paid for from a streaming service or paid for from itunes. This seems to be a Sonos issue. SONOS should authenticate the songs no matter the source as long as i've put in the right passwords to do the authentication!! If apple encrypts the songs from the streaming service, then they still should be unlocked by sonos as part of the authentication. Anyone agree? I think this sounds like a feature request....
I totally agree Jeff. I recall that it wasn't too long ago that Sonos announced Apple Music compatibility to a bit of a fanfare. Now we find that simply playing songs from a phone doesn't work! It may well be something that Apple has done, but Apple shops sell Sonos speakers and Sonos claims to be Apple compatible ... this should be an easy fix, and I can think of no reason why Apple would not want to allow it.
It is simple. Apple wants your money.
Apple gets the money through the subscription, John. I am no fan of Apple, and would be happy to slag them off, however that needs putting aside as it gets us nowhere. My wife made me change from Deezer to Apple, but now it seems to be 'my fault' (i.e. Sonos, really) that she can't play her downloaded tracks from her phone. It is as much in the interest of Sonos to get this fixed than Apple. I don't know whether Deezer suffered in the same way, and later I will test out Amazon Prime Music, as I also have that and the album that she particularly wants to play direct from the phone is on it.
None of the streaming services will allow downloaded files to be played through anything other than their native app. The DRM-protected files can't be accessed via the back door by Sonos.

The downloaded files have to remain under the control of the service because they must periodically account for the number of plays for royalty purposes. A device needs to go online from time to time in order to upload its usage statistics; if it doesn't the access to locally stored downloads ceases.

This wouldn't preclude Sonos getting at the local files through the native app, but it would require more collaboration between Sonos and the service.
You have paid for certain uses. This is tied to music licensing and royalty agreements. There is nothing for Sonos to fix and nothing it can do.
It looks like you have a Connect, in which case you could fit a bluetooth receiver to the line in and play from the native app
Thanks for the suggestion John, the Connect is a bit out of the way for Bluetooth, would the solution work with my gen 2 '5'? Also, would doing that simply work for one speaker, or could it be played around the other speakers in 'true' Sonos style?

Ratty, thank you as well for your response. I do understand your points, and that is why I said that Sonos and Apple together would benefit from a solution (and, therefore, should sort it between them ... same for other service providers). To add confusion (to me!), the Sonos support site says that Apple don't sell DRM protected music anymore ... I assume that is for proper purchases rather than downloads, but it adds to the confusion. Also, it sounds like a relatively straightforward software fix for Apple Music to count the number of plays via Sonos ... there is already some degree of integration, it just needs finishing, then we'd all be happy!
[...] Also, it sounds like a relatively straightforward software fix for Apple Music to count the number of plays via Sonos ... there is already some degree of integration, it just needs finishing, then we'd all be happy!
Nothing prevents you from being happy now.
Hi. Yes P:5 would offer the same option, and once a line-in source is there it can be played through any Sonos speaker in the system. You can choose to Autoplay it to a particular room, or just choose the room, select line-in as the source, and play.
So I’m having the same problem and understand that I can’t play music that I’ve downloaded to my phone from apples music service due to licensing, but apparently I can with amazon music? Why the difference is there something I need to pay extra for that I’m missing with apple?
This is a failure.