Playing through Spotify skips song and won't play

Hey, all.

I randomly experience this issue where I am unable to play songs from Spotify to Sonos (both from my iPhone and Macbook) - also happens regardless if I'm in the Spotify app or in the Sonos app using the Spotify service within the Sonos app. I go to a song, press play, it skips the song duration and ends the song essentially - never having played. If I switch from Sonos and just play through Spotify (so on my phone or laptop), then the songs play just fine. Clearly a Sonos issue, just not sure how to resolve.


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Hi bradlye2083, Welcome to the community!

Could you submit a Diagnostic and reply with the number so we can have a look at your system. Also could you let us know where the tracks from Spotify originate, i.e. a Spotify playlist, one of your own curated playlists, itunes playlist, search results or a selection from my library etc, Thanks
Sorry for the delay... here's my diagnostic number: 7745260 .. The issue seems to happen 100% of the time if I am playing through Spotify and then try to play through Sonos (or vice versa). So, if I were to have maybe Spotify open on my phone and am playing through there, but then try to open the Sonos app to stream radio, then jump back to Spotify (either in the Sonos app or Spotify app at that point), then Spotify will not play (the song just skips directly to the end of the track if on the Spotify app and if on Sonos, it says unable to play the song in the queue). This will happen for songs in all of Spotify (regardless if it's in a playlist, offline playlist, searched music, etc.).

I am having the same issue. I can occasionally get it to work. Once I am playing on Sonos speakers from Spotify app, then switch Spotify to play on my phone, it seems that I have to go through a (feels like) random series of opening and closing Sonos and Spotify apps and wait a day to /maybe/ play on Sonos from Spotify app again (otherwise I get the song skipping problems described above).

I recently moved, and took one speaker from the previous Sonos system with me. I had this issue when connected to the previous system as well.
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Hi there, same issue for me (intermittent issue).Tracks from Spotify originate from various sources - playlists I created, Spotify playlists, random library selections.
Diagnostic number is 7745535
Tried a router/Sonos reset last week, and was fine until tonight.
Thanks for any advice!
Hi, I have the same issue. My diagnostic number is 7812588
Having the same issue. Diagnostic no. 7821835
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bradley2083, Greg_M12, nhellberg - If you're still having this problem, please update your Sonos system to version 7.4. If the problem persists after that, please send me a direct message with your email address so I can create a ticket for you.

LB42 - If you're still having the problem, please submit a diagnostic and post the number so we can take a look.

allimcbutter - It appears that there is a communication problem between your Sonos players and your network. With that being said, I'd recommend powering down your router and any access points or extenders you may be using for at least 30 seconds and plugging them back in. When the players boot up again, update your Sonos system. If the problem persists after the update, please send me a direct message with your email address so I can open a ticket for you.
I'm having the same issue. Diagnostics confirmation # 7867374

There are no updates available for my Sonos so I don't think it's a matter of updating. Please let me know what I can do to fix it! Thanks.
I had the same issue. Reset my router and wifi boosters, and the problem was solved.
Currently experiencing the same issue. Unable to play through Sonos via the Spotify app on my iPhone, iPad or MacBook Pro. When I press play on a track it immediately skips to the end of the chosen track without playing. I’m running the latest Sonos version 7.4 and have tried resetting router etc, but all to no avail.....

Diagnostic No.7884518.
Hey everybody, I am having the issue of using the Spotify App, connecting to the Sonos system (which it sometimes does, sometimes doesn't) and trying to play a song but it "skips" it and say the song is finished, basically not playing the song. My Sonos system is always updated and usually everybody's is already. I checked to see if all the devices (sonos, device with spotify/sonos app) was connected to the same router, sometimes my system will connect to Xfinity automatically (annoying) instead of my router. I also went into the Sonos app and reauthorized my account with Spotify. Those two checks seems to have fixed the issue for now. Will check back if the issue reoccurs.
Hi - having the same issue (trying to play via Spotify and it just skips). I tried restarting my router, which didn't solve the problem. Please advise. Diagnostic # 7902279
Same problem here. used to work, but now fails.
I’m also having this problem. My sonos system is basically unuseable and from reading the above there isn’t an easy fix. Using Sonos is one problem after the next. How can you not sort out its most fundamental aspect which it needs to get right? ... play music without any glitches. Every single other wifi enabled hardware in my house works... chromecast, firestick smart tv but not Sonos. Will never ever buy again and will never recommend to anyone. Really regret the purchase.
Same exact problem. What's the fix? 90% of the time my sonos is worthless. Won't buy again either unless this stops now and forever.
Exactly the same issue here with play5 gen2. Fine until a particular update. Power cycle always fixes it...
I had the same issue. Reset my router and wifi boosters, and the problem was solved.
Also experienced the same issue. Diagnostics 8351516. Pls advice.
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Hello there, User822082. Thanks for posting and apologies for the delay in response. Based on the diagnostic report you submitted, it seems the PLAYBAR is dropping about 20% of the data being sent to it from the main router. I noticed you are working with an Apple AirPort extender, has this been set up in Bridge mode?

If you are still having problems, please do not hesitate to run another diagnostic report and reply with the confirmation number, I will happy to take a look.
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Same or similar issue. Won't play certain songs or playlists. I guessed there was a licensing issue in which Sonos was unable to play some of the songs on Spotify. Is that not correct?
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Hi there, Cali Person. Thanks for posting. Would you mind replicating the problem and submitting a diagnostic report? Be sure to reply with the seven-digit confirmation number it gives at the end. Thanks!
Hi, I’m havin the same issue, have tried rebooting router, unplugging all Sonos speakers and rebooting router and resetting my controller. It’s the same few songs it won’t play everytime, others work fine. Here’s my disagnostics confirmation number 1592831098.