Playing Computer Audio Wirelessly to Sonos

I have a Mac desktop which I use to drive the Sonos software. Can I make the Sonos and associated speakers become my computer external speakers? There's a wealth of choices within Sonos (yeah), but sometimes I'd like to broadcast what I'm watching/listening to on the web over these speakers. How can you do this?

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I'm guessing it would be done with the line in, and just select that in the app as the incoming music source... But it would be great if it was wireless too, I'd like to listen to You Tube from my computer into the Sonos Play:5 I just purchased...
(giving this a bump) yeah, i'd like to hear of any non-line in options... couldn't find any workarounds online.
i am trying to do the same thing without much luck
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Hello, The only supported way to do this would be to plug the audio output of your PC into the Line-in on a Sonos device. More information on using Line-in can be found on the Answers page linked below.
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Bummer. I often wish Sonos could be used as external set of speakers for my computer. Is this not possible now because it's technologically impossible to do so? (I'd naively assume that if Sonos can stream music from our computers, it should be able to play whatever is being pumped through the speakers.) Or, could it perhaps be a feature added to the system down the road?
are you going to answer the post below?
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the original question has not been answered??? especially with sonos 3's?? "..can i use Sonos 3's as external speakers from my Mac/Pc"
perhaps not in the way you would expect, it's not a computer speaker, but if you connect an airport express to your Sonos system you can stream system audio to Sonos natively with OSX Mountain Lion or with 3rd party software like AirFoil on Windows or pre-Mountain Lion OSX Versions.
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Hi User13950 - As people have said above, somewhat indirectly to how you've asked the question, yes, you can use Sonos as your 'computer speakers' - but as Joel Ransom said, not in the way you'd expect. The system is flexible enough to do it, but I'm assuming because it wasn't designed for that as a primary function, it's a bit of a work-around...and not wireless. I do this using a CONNECT box (and using the supplied cable that is RCA on one end and 1/8" on the other. Connecting that from the headphone jack on the computer to the line-in on the CONNECT box enables you to play whatever sound you hear on your computer out of whatever PLAY component you have selected to hear it. I use it for Winamp, which is critical for my needs. It picks up other computer sounds that happen while I'm multitasking that the computer makes (dings/beeps from pushing the wrong key or whatever). In the Play 3/5, it looks like you'd need a different cable - the 1/8" to 1/8" version, but I'm guessing it'll accomplish the same thing. To play from your computer, just play it how you normally would, but remember to open your Sonos controller. Select the Play 5 to be heard and then from the right, under 'Select A Music Source', select 'Line-In' and then click its triangular play button. That's it. Warning - watch your volume levels, as you now have several...the one on your individual Play 5, the Sonos overall, the music player on your computer & your computer master volume. Hope this helps. It's the same thing you'd do if you wanted to hear your TV volume through your Sonos system...
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A connect box is ridiculously expensive to use for that purpose! 250 squid to hear your neeps & bleeps, seeing many of us use our computers as players etc. def this is drawback wit Sonos, all you techies out there there must be a cheaper way?
I agree with Tabitha, haven't done as yet, but realise that at present this is the only way of achieving this - but it does then allow for the PC to become part of the larger Sonos network. However, I have been thinking/wishing, would it be possible for Sonos to be brave and open up the Sonos software to allow the PC to become part of the Sonos network (output wise) and therefore allow output from the PC onto the Sonos network, Im sure the programmers could achieve this, but there is no hardware purchase for Sonos to gain from (there could be so many more people joining the Sonos experience and then buying into it though!!).
this may help - an app called nicecast will take the sound from your computer and broadcast it on the network, then add a custom radio station on the sonos system and it should work, indydave talks about it here -
I am guessing you could add Bluetooth in there. A BT radio on the computer. There are a lot of options if you do not have that built in. Then a BT audio receiver like ( to hook to your line in. This allows for the same wireless concept. Of course, it seems a 5 is required as tat is the only one that seems to have a line in. But there are convert cables to convert to stereo rca jacks.
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received a play5 for Christmas with a bridge, I'll return it tomorrow. .this is stupid that you cant stream from your pc. nice sound but not user friendly at all.. i'm out
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I do like the Sonos System, but the restrictions seem to be absolute? , bitrate is restricted, wont work with Mac or Pc, it seems to be going the way of the Amstrad? come on tech support-- think!
I completely agree. Sonos should make this possible asap. It spoils the whole system.
received a play5 for Christmas with a bridge, I'll return it tomorrow. .this is stupid that you cant stream from your pc. nice sound but not user friendly at all.. i'm out
...just bought mine today, and feel disappointed and betrayed. As far as I understand, allowing devices to use the Sonos system as an audio output would not be hard to achieve technically by Sonos. Appears that Sonos wants to keep you using their app to gain more knowledge, more control and by that their own-controlled music-media. Definately NOT COOL. Isn't it enough we pay for your awesome speakers?
Hello, The only supported way to do this would be to plug the audio output of your PC into the Line-in on a Sonos device. More information on using Line-in can be found on the Answers page linked below.
There's already a solution to this. It's called Airplay.
What you people call "restrictions" is really you trying to use something in a different way than it was designed. Are you bummed because your toaster doesn't cook microwave popcorn?
You can stream audio from mac and iOS. It's called airplay. You can stream from PC to airplay with Airfoil (I haven't used that). There are lots of options available. But if what you want is for Sonos to be just like external speakers then it's not the toaster for you and that's ok.
Totally agree. However they will never catch up to the big boys in that department. Not the greatest corporate decision ever made. Sonos would sell a lot more speakers if they would give the consumer the choice to play music from which ever audio source they choose. They might end up being considered a major player in the Audio market.
 I own a Restaurant and am regretting purchasing 1 play 5, 3 play 3, 2 play 1, 1 Tv sound Bar, 1 sub. At least I got a free bridge! lol After spending countless hours organizing 200 gigs of music, I just want to play it through iTunes. It really leaves a sour taste. Unfortunate because they sound good( especially with the sub) Kinda wish I had waited for the Bose wireless....
And another thing....349$ for a remote? how bout a much simpler remote that controls basic functions... priced at 30$ (which is still expensive)
Maybe one day Sonos will give everyone what they want. Until then, Anyone want to buy a sound system? 😉
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I agree with everyone who wants a better solution to this issue, but I do feel like I need to comment to the people who  compare Sonos to Airplay or other music 'players' as though they are equal.  They aren't. Sonos is a music SYSTEM - on that gives you great flexibility to play, control and expand the reach of your audio collection.  Something as basic as Airplay only sounds good until you use it for 5 minutes and realize what limitations it has and what interface you're forced to work with.  There really isn't a comparison in my eyes.  And, while some things aren't available now, there's probably a technical reason why.  And, it'd be better to wait until they have a solid product to release than to take a buggy one too soon.  
When I first started using Sonos, we weren't able to play music that was stored on our phones wirelessly through Sonos.  Now we do.  That's an example.  
If you just need sound to come out of your computer speakers, then Sonos probably isn't the system for you.  It'd be like buying a Mercedes just to pick up your mail at the end of the driveway - complete overkill.  But, if having access to your computer's collection and/or having the ability to stream from apps directly on it, in lieu of the Sonos software, is important enough to you and you want to send that to numerous zones throughout your home & have contorl over all of it at the same time, then it is probably worth buying a connect box and adding it to the mix.  Yes, it's pricey, but the point is, this is a music SYSTEM, not just a set of speakers.  You can buy pieces whenever you want - but aren't forced to in order to make it work in the beginning...after you get several and put them in several areas, you begin to realize what the capabilities truly are.    And, from a die-hard WInamp user (nothing has compared to it that I've found for numerous reasons), I can say that the only thing that has come close is the Sonos player, which offers a similar play queue - which is invaluable and somehow missing from most other music players.  That's the only reason I wanted to use Winamp & play it through Sonos (b/c I'm a DJ, & it's the fastest way to preview large files of music, most of which won't make the 1st cut & you need to discard as quickly as possible...I don't want to take the extra steps to add them to a shared Sonos folder just to delete most of them later).  For most people, why can't you just share the folder with your computer's music with Sonos, and then you can send it to all of the speakers?     
I've also had several situations where little things weren't work right - and have been very impressed with Sonos's tech support - between chatting & phone calls - twice on holidays - to help adjustments usually that weren't the 'fault' of Sonos, but rather something that had updated w/o warning in my Mac and caused a conflict.  Situations that started out being frustrating and potentially embarrassing (I was entertaining), were efficiently resolved and left me in somewhat of a state of awe that there was somebody actually on the other end who knew how to help.  How many companies can you say that about?  Again, you get what you pay for here.  It's not the same thing as one of the countless bluetooth systems out there.  Nothing against them...but, this is different.  Very different.  #1  You can't adjust volume with bluetooth systems from your phone, and your phone calls/texts interrupt what's playing. (?)   I hope new people research the features & limitations before jumping on the Sonos it will cost more overall over time - but if you understand what it will do, it's really an amazing product.  Airplay (?) horrible interface, nothing is more bloated and cumbersome in my mind than iTunes, and while, again, the convenience is to play something with relative ease, it's a quick fix overall. 
Maybe Sonos should do a better job pointing out the differences between these various systems so new people that don't either research the cababilities before they buy, or don't think to ask certain questions, will not be as frustrated.  
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Wow you people are going OTT as Tabitha said it is a "sound System" a reasonable sounding system, but it is not HiFi!it is overly Coloured to make it sound good it is def not a Mercedes. Our computers Mac or even pc are capable of producing a good quality sound, way in advance of what Sonos is capable of!
Sonos is a good System product & should be capable of playing anything from the computer if the developers got their .... in gear & make it work! As with tech support they are reasonable but we do pay a premium for the product.... come on Sonos -- Develop!
Thanks Lewis Rodger! Nicecast seems to work fine. Even when you unlock the full version (via purchasing a license key for $59) will be cheaper than buying a Sonos Connect. For free you will get only 1 hour of broadcasting time. The only other option is to buy an Apple Airport Device to use AirPlay (via a Sonos Bridge) to stream to your Sonos Play 3 speakers, right?
Glad I could help 🙂 as far as I can see the only other way of doing it would be using airplay, which would be either an Apple TV (£99) or an AirPort Extreme (£79) and it means you need to have something plugged in, taking up an extra power socket etc etc... Also it's not very usable for our windows friends Lewis