Playing Audible on Sonos

  • 9 August 2017
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I have just received a Sonos Play:1 for my birthday. Sadly I am not able to play Audible on it. Audible is about 90% of what I listen to, so this was pretty unfortunate.

I have read that this issue was to be fixed this summer, but that was said back in february and it's august now.
Is there an update? When will Audible be playable?

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58 replies

Of course good user experience doesn't happen by magic. You have to work on it.

In this case I do not understand why the feature is locked to only specific countries. I do not understand why, even if I'm not allowed to use the product the menu can't just tell me why I cant use it instead of hiding it so I have to come here after searching.
And lastly, I don't understand why the integration from the audible side can't be a bit more intuitive than having a "play on other device button" that promptly fails with "error authenticating service" after I chose sonos and then chose my audible credentials.

None of this makes any sense from a user experience point of view. And technically I just want to listen to sound from one device to another.