Playing Audible on Sonos

  • 9 August 2017
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I have just received a Sonos Play:1 for my birthday. Sadly I am not able to play Audible on it. Audible is about 90% of what I listen to, so this was pretty unfortunate.

I have read that this issue was to be fixed this summer, but that was said back in february and it's august now.
Is there an update? When will Audible be playable?

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58 replies

Whatever one's definition of Summer, Sonos have at most a few weeks to keep their promise. On past experience, there is unlikely to be an update until it happens.
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I am like the OP, Audible is what I listen to easily 90+% of the time. Sonos claims that they will have a solution out before Summers end, personally, I am not going to play that "lemme hold my breath" game. I've been waiting so long already. If it comes, it comes. Thankfully you only have a Play:1 unlike folks like myself that have 12-devices only after which to experience the ability to play Audible content exorcized from the ecosystem. I've been waiting for its return ever since.

Do yourself a favor, get yourself an Amazon Echo, the problem is fixed when you do and the speaker quality is plenty good enough. If Sonos does bring a solution at some point it will presumably integrate with the Amazon Echo via Alexa.

I'm sure Sonos will bring out a solution, but, "when" is the tricky part. You can either get hung up waiting or else go to where there is a solution that works flawlessly right now.
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I've been waiting for Audible to come back for a long time. It seems like a simple request, apparently it's not.
"By the summer" implies before the summer. The summer is just about over. Sonos should have the courtesy to keep us updated. I was looking forward to a summer of using audible on my Sonos system, partly why I invested in it. Not good PR. Come on Sonos, please keep your promises, and when you don't, at least keep us informed and updated.
got the update today, still no audible, looks like I will have to ditch audible again and go back to audiobooks who are really expensive.
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He who waits...
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This is a HUGE issue for me. I bought my two grand system several years ago and Audible was available. It was wonderful! Suddenly, after several months it disappeared. Impossible to find out what happened for many months. Then at the beginning of this year news that it would be available again this summer. Still waiting. Completely disgusted.
Yep, I'm betting it's a huge issue for Sonos as well, given all the people who have expressed concern about it. I'm sure they're doing everything possible working with Amazon, but at the end of the day, Amazon has to want to fix the issue. There's no indication that they want any competition to the Echo/Alexa product, so they may be stringing Sonos along in order to get people to switch products. It's unfortunate that Sonos can't just fix the issue themselves, but have to wait on Amazon to dedicate the necessary resources to the issue.
I suspect audible is right around the corner. I have to imagine Sonos is focused on the voice assistant market that may be sounding the death knell for Sonos except as a boutique play for dumb streaming speakers on "nicer" equipment. I am not looking for voice control but I can guarantee that is what they are focused on and because Alexa is huge audible is coming as a result of the overall integration
It's annoying that that said by summer and now they have removed 'summer' and replaced this with soon. They should just say if it's Amazon holding them up.
No company is going to throw their partner under the bus like that. It does nothing to foster future partnerships when you do.
I don't think Amazon cares about Sonos. I think Sonos cares about Amazon. Engineering is not cheap. Initiatives have to be prioritized. Audible is not a priority. Hopefully because of the race to integrate Sonos with the Alexa that this means Sonos will want their offering to any Amazon customer to have parity with any other smart speaker in that space.
There is no race, Amazon released the connected speaker api to everyone/publicly just recently. And the major players have all announced stuff in the calendar Q4 2017. Sonos has given Oct 4th as the date when they will say more.

Alexa integration will not require the rumored S13 speaker with integrated mics -- all existing Sonos devices that are upgraded to the Alexa compatible software will be Alexa controllable. The S13 is expected to be an alternative to the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, et cetera -- being both an Alexa implementation and a Sonos speaker.

It is suspected that fixing Audible use will require being able to download/whisper-sync an entire Audible content file to play rather than truly streaming, and that this capability is part to the Alexa integration, i.e., the Alexa and/or Audible "cloud" being able to talk to the Sonos "cloud".

No currently available Sonos device can download and store the typical large Audible file (approx 8 hours, and over 200MB) before playing, so Sonos needs to have a way to "middle-man" the process, and download the file and then steam it to a specific Sonos player or group. (Anyone who understands Alexa architecture can see how this might be done.)

So at this point (7 Sept 2017) we all need to wait and see what happens on Oct 4, 2017 at the Sonos media event in NY, NY. While this isn't "by the end of Summer 2017" it's awfully close considering many of the Alexa API's were not made available by Amazon until early September 2017.

So everyone should calm the heck down and wait for three weeks (and shrinking) and then react based on facts rather than speculation. Sonos could still easily be the first to deliver smart speaker integration with Alexa. No one who has not signed a NDA knows, we are all working on incomplete info, and Sonos has said that they will share more on 4 Oct.
I have a Sonus Connect to use my turntable. I plugged my iphone into the connect and I can access my audible library.
I cancelled my Audible subscription & decided not to buy any more Sonos speakers. Tired of their pissing contest.
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The new much anticipated software is out today, bringing back Audible support as promised. Oh, wait.

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Let me start of by saying: I am a fan of Sonos, I have over 10 of their products in my home.

I love the really great customer service, the reliability, the sound quality, the simplicity and most of all their clear non-forced-absolence approach so far. (which I wish more consumer electronics companies would adopt - I'd be willing to pay considerably more for any gadget that delivers great and ever increasing value over let's say 4 years than I would be willing to pay for two iterations of the same gadget that last 2 years each)

All that being said: I can simply not believe that Audible was NOT part of the news on October 4th. This is a big annoyance for me and my whole family. We have been literally waiting on this for over 2 years now!

This is even harder to understand and slighly more annoying than the "DD 5.1 ONLY" approach on the PlayBar and after so much feedback on this also on the PlayBase (which pretty much leaves us at the mercy of Microsoft continuing the Xbox transcoding feature for an acceptable library of 4k 5.1 content) ...but I am digressing
Yes, I'm finally free... DITCHED my Sonos and got an Amazon Echo, re started my audible account and all is well. Even with the new Sonos update that is meant work with Amazon..STILL NO AUDIBLE for Sonos on that. Glad I didn't wait. Go on..Do it.. forget Sonos and go elswhere/:):)
First, consider the situation:

1. Sonos makes the best WiFi speaker system. That’s the reason we all bought them.

2. Amazon Alexa is the most widely used vice-activated home automation system.

3. Amazon owns Audible.

4. Apple is coming out with a Siri speaker with the aim of dethroning both Sonos and Alexa.

5. Apple just came out with the Watch 3, and we Audible fans will be demanding phone-free Audible access. There are already hacks to get Audible on watches.

6. Google is … googling, trying to catch up with everyone on all fronts.

7. Audible is pretty busy trying to make itself available on all these new platforms. BUT

8. Because Amazon owns Audible and now has this partnership with Sonos, I’m pretty sure the Audible->Amazon->Sonos connection has high priority.

*Note: I have a real sound system for my den, tuned for both music and surround sound, but I find the Sonos system much more convenient and even better-sounding than the wife-friendly speakers in the kitchen ceiling and bedroom walls. Voice activation is a huge bonus. I’ll wait and see about the Apple speaker, but come on: there isn’t a real competitor to Sonos in the WiFi speaker category. What are you going to get instead? Patience will be rewarded, I am sure.
SONOS - can you just say if you're not going to provide Audible support.. I have now reached the point where I don't care, just say either way. (BTW if it's a 'no' I'm moving straight over to Alexa - £50/£100 will solve this very quickly rather than waiting another indeterminate amount of time)
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There is a solution that can be used now, to extract all your audible books and enable them to be played on Sonos. This is not the faint hearted, requires a bit of technical skill and a computer. Ready?

1) Buy books on Audible.
2) Download the Audible Manager from here -
3) Install the Audible Manager. Go back to the audible website, go to the library and hit the download button to download your books to your computer.
4) Go to and use the green button to download everything.
5) Create a folder on your computer, such as C:\Audible. Unzip the zip file received in step 4 to this.
6) Download ffmpeg from here -
7) Extract ffmpeg and copy ffmpeg.exe and ffprobe.exe to the folder in 5)
😎 Copy the books from C:\Users\*yourusername*\Documents\Audible\Programs\Downloads to this folder too - you may wish to rename them to remove the characters from the end.

1) Pick one book - you don't need to do this for each one as the decode code is the same for all books in your account.
2) Open a command line (cmd.exe). Type cd c:\audible (or the name of the folder you created in 5) above).
3) Type ffprobe audiobookname.aax . From the long list of information that appears, scroll back up to the top. There should be two lines similar to:

[mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2 @ 039aae60] [aax] file checksum == a65d875e......
[mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2 @ 039aae60] [aax] activation_bytes option is missing!

Take the whole of the file checksum and copy it to notepad.

4) Back at your command line, type run\rcrack.exe . -h filechecksum, where filechecksum is the value in notepad. Eg

run\rcrack.exe . -h a65d875e875765d90b7878c6776d760ee68

5) After about a minute, you will get

a65d875e875765d90b7878c6776d760ee68 \xbb\xda\xff\x06 hex:aade340d

The value after "hex:" is the code you want (The decode key)

6) Finally, take the hex value and type

ffmpeg -activation_bytes aade340d -i audiobookname.aax -c:a copy -vn audiobookoutputname.m4a

7) After a few seconds, you'll get a copy of your audiobook that you can add to a Sonos music library. Once you've got your decode key, you can run the same ffmpeg command with each of your books to create a Sonos compatible copy.

Good luck!

Or, Sonos / Amazon, you could just get Audible working on Sonos again. Your call.
alpha, charlie, delta, echo... there's something missing here, I'm 8.2 of it.You are clearly very pleased with yourself over this post as you have put it on several threads. Do the letters NDA mean anything to you?
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alpha, charlie, delta, echo... there's something missing here, I'm 8.2 of it.You are clearly very pleased with yourself over this post as you have put it on several threads. Do the letters NDA mean anything to you?

clearly not but even Ryan is dropping hints
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Well, I specifically didn't disclose anything.... there's nothing to see here.