Playing Audible Books Bought on iTunes

  • 5 November 2017
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I see that I can link my Audible account to Sonos. However, I purchased a number of audiobooks (that I assume are from Audible because of their intro on the file) through iTunes on my
phone and I’m wondering how to get them to play on my Sonos.
Would I have to download them from cloud to my laptop, then get my Sonos music library to recognize them? And then, if that’s the case, does my laptop need to be open and on in order to play them?

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5 replies

The current implementation of Audible in Sonos is "broken", although we're expecting it to be "fixed" fairly soon, now that the voice control stuff has been released. The way I've occasionally gotten around this is much as you have postulated. I download them to my Mac, I then import it as a song into iTunes, and then I update my music library in the Sonos app, and I can play the "song" that is the book.

I think, based on the many threads about the audible implementation being broken, there are lots of us who will be rather excited and pleased when it does get fixed.
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... I download them to my Mac, I then import it as a song into iTunes, and then I update my music library in the Sonos app, and I can play the "song" that is the book....

Hey Airgetlam. I'd like to listen to a few of my Audible books over my Sonos, also. Since they are .aax files, they would need to be converted to .mp3. I assume you're doing that, but you just said you download them and import as a song. Could you please elaborate? Thanks!
Sure, happy to help.

On your desktop, go to and log in. Then go to your library/My books.

On the list of books, on the right column, you'll see a button that says "Download". Using this will download an .mp3 file to your computer. Or, it used to. It's not on the windows machine I'm using at this moment. Let me switch over to a mac.

Well, that's interesting. They've changed the download format since I last did this. However, there are free versions of .aax to .mp3 file converterss out there. Just do a google search. There's both videos and web pages that tell you how to transfer format of the files.

Anyhow, once it's in an .mp3 format, then you can easily import it into iTunes. Just open iTunes, select File>import File, and Bob's your uncle.

By the way, this will all be moot next year when Sonos releases the Airplay 2 implementation that they've said they're working on. At that point, you'll just need an appropriate speaker (Sonos One, currently) to connect your iPhone to your system.

Shoot, what am I talking about! I'd be willing to bet that the audible support that Sonos promised earlier this year will be out long before the Airplay 2 implementation is done. I'm making the assumption that now that there's the Amazon Alexa implementation out in public beta, there will be available resources to work on the Audible issues that Amazon broke so many months ago. But who knows for sure, I don't work for Sonos, and while they've promised that their working on it, they've reversed the previously promised date, and missed that. Honestly, I don't think they should ever promise particular dates, there's just too many things that can pop up that get in the way. At least in my experience in software development and supporting a live service.

Sorry to ramble, hope this helps.
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Thanks for the response, Airgelam. The few converters that I've found only convert so many minutes until they want you to purchase. Not that big of a deal. These Audible books are a few years old, and I no longer subscribe, but I figured maybe I'd get to them if I could listen over my Sonos system. I'm definitely not going to take Sonos' word when it comes to promises, that's for sure. I'm only about a month into the Sonos ecosystem and love it, but I've definitely got my shared of "issues" and complaints. Thanks again for the detailed ramble. 😛
Happy to be of minor assistance 🙂