Playing a turntable through Sonos Soundbar

  • 6 December 2017
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Hi All, hoping to be able to solve a problem I have. Just bought a TEAC turntable and wanted to play it through my Soundbar using Bluetooth, I didn't realise that I couldn't do this, so bought a Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver as this was advised so that my Soundbar could then receive Bluetooth...but I can't appear to get it to work. Would really appreciate some help. I'm not that techy and looking forward to some help from you all, thanks.

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7 replies

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No Sonos products work with Bluetooth or have Bluetooth receivers :(

However you can Add a BT dongle to a Connect or Play 5 (through the 3.5mm line in jack), this input can then be shared to any other Sonos speaker including your playbar. If you don't have any other Sonos devices than the Playbar the only other way would to be to buy an Optical input splitter/converter maybe but that starts getting complicated.
Let me slightly modify bockersjv's post, and comment that the CONNECT has RCA jacks, not a 3.5mm line in jack like the PLAY:5 does.
Thank you both, but I don’t have a Connect or Play:5, I’d like to play my turntable through the Soundbar.
Then bockersjv's last sentence would be the appropriate way to accomplish this.
bockersjv and Airgetlam, so I have the optical input splitter/converter, and there is still no sound out of my I need to disconnect the playbar from my wifi network and if so how do I do this? I'm getting a bit frustrated not being able to use my turntable and really want to avoid another speaker, any suggestions please?
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I have not done this myself, nor would I want to, but a way I would achieve this (and someone may suggest a better way) is to buy two items.
1. Analog audio to Digital optical (Toslink):-

then connect a BT receiver to the phono/analogue inputs

2 Toslink input switcher:-

So your TV would be one source and the analog coverter the other.

I have no idea how well this would work.

None of these items is particularly expensive so it may be worth a try and if it doesn't work you could return them.

Indeed, I'm with bockersjv, I've not done this, nor would I want to. I'd be the one to throw a new speaker at the issue.

However, you're not. The question I have (and only glanced at the previous data, didn't read each post 100%), do you have a pre-amp connected to the turntable, before sending the signal in through the optical input splitter device? If you don't, you need to, the usual output of a turntable (known as the phono level) is much too low for most devices except receiver/amplifiers to read. In fact, that's why such devices have a very specifically labeled inputs for them, you can't plug them in to a normal line level input like a CD player or Tape Deck uses.

So, I think you'd need one of those between your turntable and the optical splitter, unless the turntable that you have already has a pre-amp in it. Some do, and you'd need to check if it does, and where the switch for it is.

I "think" that's why you're not getting any sound. But I'm having a hard really "seeing" your system in my mind, so you should take everything I say with a grain (or boulder) of salt.