Playing 7 digital FLAC files through Sonos and an iTunes library

  • 24 November 2017
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Hi. I store my music on an iTunes library on a NAS and play through Sonos. If I purchase FLAC files from 7 digital, they cannot be put on my iTunes library - I have to convert to mp3 first. If I put the FLAC files on the NAS in a separate folder to the iTunes folder, can I get Sonos to index the FLAC files as well as the iTunes library?

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2 replies

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Yes. You can add another library which would be your FLAC folder
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I haven't bought any FLACs from 7 digital (I've ripped my cds to a NAS) so not sure if the ones you've bought are 24 or 16 bit. If they're 24 bit Sonos won't play them. It only supports 16 bit. Even if you have to down grade to a 16 bit FLAC, it's still going to be better than an mp3
Sonos indexes them fine up to the 60,000 (?) track limit. After that it's one in one out!