Playbar, Sub + Play 1 = no Airplay :( What gives Sonos?

  • 23 November 2018
  • 2 replies

I have invested over $2,000 in what is supposed to be a connected system that will seamlessly connect to my music and movies yet I can't connect to Airplay? This is unacceptable that I could own that much Sonos hardware and not have the capability. Boo Sonos. I want to return this stuff. What's your policy?

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2 replies

None of the speakers in your list have the horsepower to act as AirPlay 2 receiving/ decoding speakers, and were never marketed as such. I don’t quite understand your consternation.

It seems like saying “I just bought a $100,000 Ferrari, and it can’t pull my trailer”. All of the speakers you purchased were designed years and years before AirPlay 2 was even a concept at Apple.

The real easy answer here, is to now buy a Sonos One. It can play AirPlay sources and all you need do is 'Group' that new speaker with your existing Sonos speakers and they will play the same AirPlay source too. You can even mute the Sonos One, if you perhaos wish to remove it from the audio-output equation.