Play offline spotify tracks through Sonos controller

  • 9 December 2012
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I have many playlists saved to different devices, android phone, laptop and ipad. When I want to play them through my speakers I have to wait for them to stream when using the bridge playlist. I realise I could use a line in connection but if I'm on the move round the house and want to change tracks or skip one I have to go to the Sonos device with chosen Spotify device attached to it to change the playlist, very frustrating if I'm upstairs and its connected downstairs. If there is no internet connection I am forced to use this method of listening to Spotify. A Sonos device capable of caching Spotify tracks or allowing us to use it in the same way as an ipad with Spotify installed for instance to create an offline selection would be ideal. This would resolve internet issues stopping a friendly way of continuing to use use our Sonos equipment and stop a bad connection causing stutter in the playback of tracks.

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33 replies

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allowing the spotify app to link to sonos would be such an improvement to sonos -- without it, it appears the consumers are the losers.
Shouldnt be too hard to incorporate a memorybuffer for a song?????
I also agree this would be an excellent feature. I have an excellent internet connection and yet it often stops playing until I press play again.  This is presumably due to a network disconnect.  An offline list would made perfect sense.
For those looking to have Spotify Radio, or would like to access Sonos from their native music app, take a look at Google Play Music All Access.  Unlike Spotify, who seem to be concentrating on their own Spotify Connect hardware alliance, Google has worked with Sonos to seemlessly incorporate its Play Music service with Sonos.  It offers genre, artist, and track based Radio.  It allows you to upload 20k files from your own music library for use in their Music Cloud, and you can even 'Cast' to Sonos speakers using the native Google Play Music app. 
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Very god point, Jgatie.
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Sonos Ability to play a downloaded Spotify playlist. If the device the Sonos controller is operating on has a downloaded Spotify playlist on it, if this playlist or songs from the playlist is added to the queue there should be the option to play the tracks from the downloaded playlist on the device rather than having to stream from the web.

This could either be achieved by a global setting for Spotify e.g. a tickbox saying use downloaded playlists if available or a pop up when playlists/tracks were added to queue saying "use downloaded" or something along these lines.

For example I recently took my system to a friends house, they were having problems with their external web connection, so the Sonos set up and worked and friends could stream music off their phones, but even though I have my spotify playlist downloaded for offline listening, I could play any tracks through the sonos as it can only play them off the web.
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled feature request: Play spotify offline folders. Since I live in a place were the network connection is a bit shaky I can't use my Spotify account on my Sonos system. A function to play Spotify offline folders stored on a computer or smartphone in the network is really needed!
I have problems with my internet provider, sometimes I lose connection wth internet for a few hours and I can't use spotify with sonos then. I can not understand it since I can use spotify by itself but not with sonos. Needed feature!
Up vote for this feature. I have been a spotify premium user since the US launch and have come to use the software as much as the service for managing as my music playlists and some songs are not on spotify but on my machine.
I would also like to see Sonon add support for Spotify offline playlists. New Year's Eve just gone the Sonos-Spotify connection had an outage, which meant I couldn't use my Sonos system to stream Spotify music. If I'd been able to access my offline playlists then my party could have continued successfully. Please either add this offline playlist support or ensure the streaming service is always available, especially in periods of high demand such as over the Christmas holidays.

This really is a no brainer....... Any chance of a reply from Sonos?
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Yes I also totally agree that it would be so beneficial to be able to play downloaded Spotify playlist to the Sonos speakers. The internet connection hear at my place in Australia is less than perfect. Being able to play my download offline music from Spotify premium account to my beautiful Sonos speakers would be bliss!
Up vote for the feature of playing Offline playlists from Spotify via Sonos. I´m also burning tons of GBs on my 4G router while using Sonos. 

Please Sonos - fix this!
Streaming all of my songs, which is apparently what I'm doing now, is making me rethink using the Sonos speaker. Now I'm practically on the hunt for a different sound equipment with some kind of docking device or bluetooth software from which I can play my Offline synced playlists on Spotify without using any data volume on my 4G router. 
If I had a different form of wifi-connection the Sonos system would be great. 
But I'm otherwise very happy with my Sonos speaker so it would make me sad to have to buy a new sound equipment just because Sonos couldn't meet my expectations...

So,again - please fix this Sonos!

As Sean Nth Nsw said: Being able to play my download offline music from Spotify premium account to my beautiful Sonos speakers would be bliss!
I couldn't agree more!
I found an other topic that was basically discussing the same issue.
The answer från Sonos (Dominique Z) was less than satisfactory:

I really hope they come up with a (real) solution for us Spotify premium users with offline playlists downloaded... 
Honestly! guys!
Just brought back to the store a pair of Play1. My internet connection was down and not having any way to play any kind of music from Spotify was just very frustrating.
I can appreciate that Sonos really relies on the Internet to expand its capabilities and our final experience but we should always as users be provided with an offline fallback plan... I don't know like ... a line in entry?
Anyway this demonstrates clearly that the product strategy has a major flaw.
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Count me as another long time Sonos user that would love to see this feature. Doesn't have to be for Spotify. In fact, I would love to see it for Google All Access, since that is my preferred provider.
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Love this idea. I hope it isn't too difficult to do.
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+1 for me too. Would be great to see Offline Spotify tracks listed within the 'On this Mobile Device' on my phone. Just on somebody else's Sonos and can't play any of my offline Spotify tracks (without adding my Spotify details to their system) - I assume.
+1 Would be awsome... everyone wants it honestly.
Same goes for me! Using the playlists downloaded from spotify with Sonos is really necessary.

Dear Sonos-Team,
anything in the pipeline that helps your customers to enjoy spotify-music on Sonos without streaming the music every single time?

I solve this problem by using a workaround with a wifi network created with my smartphone :
- create a wifi bridge with your smartphone
- launch you sonos controler (for me, i use the sonos controler on Windows, so previously I connect my computer to the wifi)
- launch the setup to register the sonos devices to your wifi network
- all sonos devices are now connected to the wifi network (created via your smartphone).
- connect your phone with to the audio inline plug.

Enjoy :D

PS : if you have internet connection, you can also use spotify online with your 3g/4g connection.

that sounds interesting, thanks! And it actually worked for me, too. There are still some open issues that I'd like to clarify:

1) as far as I got that, it means that I can only play music that is on my controler device (i.e. laptop, mobile phone) or - when i connect my phone to 3g/4g, music from services such as spotify. I can still not play music from spotify without internet connection, is that right?

2) why do you connect your phone with the audio inline plug?

Thanks for your help!

The assumption are:
- Spotify in offline mode is only available on smartphone. The offline mode is available in the sttings, you need to have a wifi connection to let spotify downloads all the song you want in offline mode. So you can hear your music only from the out-line plug of your smartphone (generraly use by your headphone, i use really often this offline mode when i take plane for example or in car with the bluethooth connection)
- you have a SONOS devis with the in-line plug. The in-line plug is only available on Play:5, CONNECT and CONNECT:AMP.

To resume :

Next step : select the inline plug as source in your sonos controller and enjoy in whichever Sonos speaker.

hi Bien - when you say set up your phone as a wifi bridge - how on earth do you do that please?
bienf is talking about turning on a WiFi hotspot whilst the phone is connected to the mobile network.

As a commentary, I don't know why posters find it so hard to understand that Spotify (along with other streaming services) deliberately makes it impossible for any third party to play downloaded/offline content. Licensing restrictions mean that they protect the downloads, forcing the user to access them from within their own app. There's no way Sonos can play protected content, even if the files were somehow locatable on the mobile/tablet/computer.

Here is not the place to complain about this state of affairs. You need to raise the issue with Spotify et al. You are however unlikely to get a sympathetic hearing. Spotify is obliged to account to the record labels for each track play, and to do so they must be able to control access to the offline music.