Play music stored on cloud-storage (f.e. DropBox)

I have ripped all my CD's an put them on my dropbox so I can access them any-where any-time. But I can't find how to play them on my sonos.

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The only cloud services available are from Google, Amazon, or Apple. Google is free with a Google Play Music free account, Amazon is free with Prime, and Apple requires a paid Apple Music account.
The mentioned services are not cloud-storage services but cloud-streaming services. My question was specific about cloud-storage services. Is there a reason why cloud-storage services are not accessible from the sonos agent ?
I couldn't tell you why, but considering all services are welcome to use the free of charge Sonos Music Partners API to connect via the Sonos app, and other sources such as Plex have down so, that would be a question for DropBox. Sonos certainly cannot implement streaming from their cloud storage without their cooperation, and they have been open to it from others. might be a good intermediate to stream from DropBox, GoogleDrive or OneDrive.
I have the same problem. What the hell is the poiyof spending over $1000 on a system that cant play whatever audio Is coming out of my phone, like every other sound system that connects with an aux cable or bluetooth?! You sell this supposed ‘great’ technology but it limits what Im able to do. For me (as a musician/producer), playing audio files from dropbox through my sound system is essential to my life (to easily listen to mixes as I work on them), so if thats not possible with sonos its going back to the store!!
I also have all my music on the cloud based storage system and thought it was a no brainier that it should work with SONOS Wish I had done my homework better before purchase,SONOS sounds great but now I find out I dont really have a need since I cant play my personal music.
I too would LOVE this feature. I can't believe it's not available
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Google Play Music is the solution:

Each user is allowed to upload and store up to 50,000 songs, then stream them to any device; mobile, desktop, and yes Sonos.
Install Sonoair on your computer and you can play every sound that comes out of your phone, tablet or whatever. It works perfect for me. It’s free!

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