parallel streams from spotify in different rooms

  • 30 September 2019
  • 9 replies

Why is it no longer possible to have two different streams playing at the same time? This is a major limitation for me. Is there any workaround?

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9 replies

Until recently I was able to have different Musik streams running in different rooms from my Spotify account. Now I received the notification that the number of streams from Spotify is limited. Any time I start a stream in one room, the stream in the other rooms stops. When did this happen? And why? For me, this is one of the core features of a multi room music system. it‘s even part of the Sonos advertising campaigns...
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Just tried with my Spotify account; still working fine. Have you a family member, may be one who's just gone to university, who may be using the same account on a different system/ location? An attempt to stream elsewhere (without family membership) would lead to any stream you were listening to to cease and give precedent to the newest stream attempt.
Hi IJN, thanks for your reply. I figured it out by accident today: one of the rooms was set to a stream that was originally started using Alexa. Seems like this was considered as a "different source" compared to activating Spotify via the Sonos App. So, as long as I start the different streams within the Sonos App, everything works fine. As soon as I start one of the streams using voice control, I receive the notification that the number of streams from Spotify are limited. This represents a work around for my problem, but I think Sonos will have to work on this in the future, if they want us to rely purely on voice control at some point in time.
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There is something odd with your set up. I use a mix of Alexa and controller commands to start music and this is never an issue. It may be an issue but not sure if you were streaming on an Alexa device rather than Sonos through Alexa voice control.
Ive got four homes with four systems and all have mix of Alexa /Sonos and Sonos with Alexa. Never any issues.
Not sure if your Alexa is standalone or linked/ integrated to Sonos. In the Alexa app specify a Sonos speaker as the preferred speaker - don’t think this will be the cause of your problem but it prevents you having to specify Sonos room for voice playback. From my experience most probable explanation is someone has started streaming elsewhere. Initially I shared one Spotify account between four homes (two are holiday rentals) - if someone elsewhere started steaming it would stop my music. Now taken out multiple accounts
A single Spotify account can play more than one stream if you are using the app. With Alexa you can only play one stream. This is entirely an Alexa thing. Sonos cannot do snything about this.
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Hi John..apologies - I think you are correct. In this house only have one Alexa enabled speaker in the kitchen. Used this to voice select an album in the bedroom. Then asked for different album in the kitchen and the bedroom stopped. Never noticed this before ..
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Would this still be the same with Google as the voice control? Or Amazon as the music streaming service?
I am pretty sure I have read threads which have implied that the same limitation applies. Again, I think this just parallels the way Spotify works on multiple Google speakers, as it does for multiple Echo speakers.
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John is correct. The way music services count streams is a little fuzzy regarding Sonos, but basically you can have any number of streams active, if you are only using the Sonos app to start the music playback. But a stream started by Google Assistant, Alexa, the Spotify App, or any other method, each counts as a separate stream, even if they're playing on Sonos.