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  • 28 November 2017
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My wife and I recently updated our Sonos app. Our pandora playlist used to be in alphabetical order but with the new update it no longer is. I can't find a way to have the playlist in alphabetical order. Is there a way to do this?

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13 replies

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Hello, bdavid02. Thanks for reaching out to the Community. There is no way to alter how the tracks are appearing within Pandora in Sonos. However, I am happy to add your name to the list of users who request the feature to return. Keep the feedback coming. Thanks again.
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Please Add me Keith! Im actually home this week for the holidays and getting to experience my Sonos system 24hrs 7 days. I have had Pandora for 5+ years. Dont use extensively (95% of my Sonos time is at work location and it has Pandora blocked, so with my Sonos speaker there i am unable to use it) But being here at home, i just opened Pandora and didnt enjoy looking thru 200 stations by when last played time. My "John Mayer Holiday" was at the bottom, LOL. Just crazy, I want to listen to David Gray, who knows where it is at. Ive written to Pandora and their response was of course "use the Pandora App". I love my sonos and use the Sonos App (I wont go there on the App issues at this time, LOL). No desire to use Pandora App. I have many sunscriptions (I like to support many companies for keeping competition and great products) I have Calm Radio, Jazz/Rock Radio, SiriusXM, etc. I want all together, so the App is where i want to be. I understand this is more of a Pandora issue, but i figure you guys can help persuade them that subscriptions will drop because of this. Im going to hold until the end of the year, then maybe i try Amazon or Spotify. Been wanting a reason to try, so Pandora is now giving me a big one.
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Please add me to the list as well! This change/regression/update makes the app even more difficult to use! To me this is a bug, not an enhancement request...
The alphabetizing of artists on the Pandora app is NOT a Pandora issue. It is a Sonos issue. It used to always be alphabetized on Sonos until they updated Sonos app!. My Pandora is alphabetized on my computer and my iPad but not when I play it on my phone through Sonos. So this is clearly a Sonos issue. It is ludicrous that Sonos would take away that feature when they updated the app. So annoying!
+1 for requesting alphabetized sorting of Pandora stations - borderline useless without ability to sort...
I agree, bring back the alphabetized list. The jumble approach isn't user-friendly.
Totally ridiculous to have all this money invested to have this type of frustration and convenience is out the window.
Yes. Please bring it back. We use Sonos and know what our client like to listen to. It used to be so easy to find their preferred music. Now, we have to search for it.
Add me too! Completely ridiculous and disrespectful of Sonos customers. VERY annoying!
So no reply from sonos on this issue? Ridiculous to jumble the stations. I have too many! It MUST BE CHANGED BACK TO ALPHABETICAL ORDER!
Sonos, reply to this thread please. This need to be corrected by YOUR APP DEVELOPERS. IT IS YOUR ISSUE.
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Hi Cskyjoe, we'll make sure to pass on your feedback to the team. Changes like this are done by both Sonos and Pandora teams working together. The default and only sort at the moment is by recently used. We make sure they're aware of what you're interested in, and I'll pass it along.
Yes. Please fix this annoyance.