Pandora Not Showing as a service.

On the macOS desktop app Pandora does not show up as an available service.
On the iPhone app it shows up but there is no 'add to sonos' button.

Spotify Setup just fine.
Plex setup just fine.
There are a ton of other services available (most I've never heard of).

3 play:1s
Everything is updated.
My registration is United States.
The controller shows the connected ID is the same as what my registration on displays.
I have reset the controller several times but no luck.

Wasted several hours on this...frustrated.
Any thoughts?

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Hi rodgersb54, welcome to the community. Please send us a diagnostic and reply here with the number you get. We'll take a look and see if we can spot what's going wrong.
Hi Tom,
Thanks for helping. Diagnostics Number: 7410510
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Thanks for the diagnostic. There was a brief hiccup with Pandora not showing up as a service which has been resolved. Let's try one more reboot if the players as it looks like they haven't picked up on the fix just yet.

If that doesn't work, reply back here and we'll see what we can do.
No luck.

Reset controllers.
On macOS Desktop controller - No pandora even shows up.
On iPhone controller - Pandora shows up but there is no 'add to sonos' button.
I unplugged each unit for about a minute. I'm now able to add Pandora. That was fun. Thanks for your help. Resolved.


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