Pandora not activating on Sonos

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Im having the same issue. I can airplay from my iPhone’s IOS Pandora app to my play5 speaker, then group to the others but still no ability to change pandora while using sonos app.

Found this on service portion of Sonos least it seams Sonos is aware of the Pandora issue and hopefully working on it.



Yo, me too! For me it coincided with upgrading to 11.0 Sonos, but not sure of that was coincidence...

Seems like a recurrence of an issue from a year ago, based on on the threads on this website?



I someone else in the community there is a major outage on Pandora for Sonos   I’ll put a link to website

This is such BS.  Sonos needs to fix it ASAP!

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Just did a full upgrade .. new sonos hardware and I had to add my services back. Including Pandora.

It goes to

But there is no activation in the window.  I see the activation in the code and I try that but it says invalid. 

I can login to Pandora direct and play bluetooth and through the pandora app. Just can't get it to register with Sonos. 

Found this on service portion of Sonos least it seams Sonos is aware of the Pandora issue and hopefully working on it.



Thanks for this link.  At least I know I am not crazy!

Same issue here.

hi all, 


just had the exact same problem….and fixed it like this:

I went into my Sonos app (iOS) deleted all the pandora accounts off that.

Closed out the Sonos app as well as my pandora app. 

reopened the Sonos app and re-added my pandora info into the music and content in the services section of settings - the same place you would have removed them from. 

Hope this works for you guys, worked for me 5 mins ago. 



Has anyone confirmed Ant’s post?  

Ah, you’re referring to the name, not the poster’s handle. 

As far as I can tell, that just suggests when s/he originally tried, the Pandora server was down, after the procedure, it was back up. 

I can confirm Pandora is working now. Regular login without reactivation code 

Mine is not working also. I did not end up having to uninstall the app or delete the pandora account although I was just about to do that. Glad it was short-lived.

Glad to see that the problem is resolved; sort of.  Although, I do find it difficult to accept that this was a Pandora issue since my YouTube service was also asking for an activation code at precisely the same time as the Pandora service stopped working.  I called Pandora and they said they were aware of the issue, but the problem was not on their side.  Pandora worked on every other platform I have, so… that seems to confirm this confined to Sonos.  Perhaps Pandora has a Sonos-specific server, but how does that explain the unrelated YouTube outage at the exact same time?

Anyway, I also deleted Pandora and re-added, but when I did that, Sonos once again presented me with a BLANK authorization code window.  I closed that window and POOF, Sonos then gave me the prompts to install Pandora as a new service.  It’s working now.

Oh, and when YouTube went out at the same time, Sonos immediately gave me an activation code.  Just sayin’ 

Sonos doesn’t give activation codes, YouTube does. 

Your Sonos is a TV set, HBO went out. Is it the TV’s fault, or is it HBO’s fault? While it might be the TV breaking, it’s much more likely for it to be something upstream from the TV. The cable service to your home, or HBO. Neither your TV set, nor Sonos has any control over the data being sent to it. All they do is present it to you. 

Just sayin’

The Pandora activation works as of this AM. Didn’t do anything different compared to last night - but the activation code loop is no longer an issue (went directly to Step 2 in the process). Success!