Pandora No Longer Fully Functional With Sonos

  • 3 September 2021
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Whelp.  The one saving grace was a way to open Pandora, then feed that to Sonos so you could still use the “I’m tired of this track” function.  No mas.  And I’ll tell you why that stinks: When you hear a song played so much that feature allows Pandora to keep the genome data on you accurate while not repeating songs often.  But now you must either chose a thumbs down to the track (which will alter your music preferences), or you can forward past that which gets annoying after a while.  

Not too sure who decided to take their ball and go home, but Pandora and Sonos definitely seem to playing on other courts and that’s unfortunate.  Also a primo reason to go with a speaker system that doesn’t carry the various burdens Sonos does.

Oh well.  Unfortunate, really.  But I guess we evolve.

3 replies

jgate, how do you play to Sonos direct other than using the sonos products that link with bluetooth?


Good to know.  And yes, you can play directly from Pandora but the second you send it thru Sonos that feature becomes no longer available.


But thank you for the clarity.  I guess now I know who took their ball home.



  1. Pandora is wholly responsible for which features appear in the Sonos app.  Each service uses the Sonos API to fashion the look/feel/functions they wish to implement.
  2. You do know you can play to Sonos directly from the Pandora app?