Pandora Ads on Sonos NOW... WTF??

  • 10 November 2010
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Pandora just fed me a GLADE holiday scents ad right in the middle of two songs. I've never hear this prior and want to know who at Sonos and or Pandora decided to start forcing us to put up with LAME advertisements when for years it wasn't foisted on us. Yes every company wants to be profitable, but it would have been nice if Pandora or Sonos would have given us some practical notice before they changed their services.

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81 replies

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Is Pandora ad free again on Sonos? I've been listening for over an hour now with no ads.

If you're using the Pandora free account you're supposed to be receiving ads, and for that matter have always been supposed to be receiving ads. That said, if you aren't hearing any, or don't notice them, that's great. But strictly speaking, they are supposed to be there.

Ad revenue is used by the company to pay for their service which allows them to in turn pay artists and keep servers up and running. Sonos doesn't have any special deals with Pandora, or any other service for that matter, where we skip the ads from a tier of their service that is supposed to have them.