• 28 March 2017
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Marco Arment: I actually wrote the entire Sonos integration over a year ago, but I won’t release it until the API adds a played-to-end callback. July 10, 2017

It May 18 2018 (i.e. 10 months after the post being referred) is it really such a complex task to add this call to the API? Once added it would probably be of help to others as well beyond Overcast :?

(At the moment using this solution: https://github.com/josh/overcast-sonos/#setup)
One wonders if Sonos might have bigger fish that they're currently frying. Something that might drive a greater percentage of sales than implementing a specific call for a single stream to use.

But I'm just guessing. I do know from my own business experience that there are constantly important decisions to be taken about priorities and resource effort.
Look I agree Airplay 2 is more important and in a way would also resolve overcast issues by just playing through the phone. And you are also right I have no idea how many people they have working on the software side - it might be only one person with a contract by the hour. Still API are meant to be there to support developers to connect to your product and this (introduction of Airplay 2) is a great chance to finally introduce it - especially as -looking from outside naively as Sonos is shares little- does not appear to be a very complex addition.
I’m unwilling to express any confidence in whether it is an easy addition, or a total rewrite of some existing subsystem. I don’t know how their code base is set up, how restrictive the memory allocations are, or pretty much anything at all about the way Sonos chooses to add features. I only speak from my own knowledge of software development.

We have expressed our desire for this to happen, it’s up to Sonos to evaluate the cost/benefit ratio, and assign it a priority in their backlog, which is likely several thousands of items that do not appear to be a very complex addition.
+1 Add Overcast service to Sonos!
+1 Please add this service !!
+1 as well. Please, there is no viable alternative to Overcast! Thanks
+1 for Overcast!! Thanks.
+1 for Overcast support
+1 for Overcast support - had been using Pocketcasts as a substitute but now that became a greedy subscription cash grab.

please add overcast.  

Remember, it isn’t Sonos who adds Overcast, it is Overcast who adds Overcast to the Sonos ecosystem. I’ve made my desires known to the app coder, I would urge you to do the same. 

And yes, I concur, it would be a great add, since it is my podcast app of choice. ;)