• 28 March 2017
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I would like to be able to play on Overcast playlist on Sonos. Is there any way to contact Sonos to ask if this is possible?

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37 replies

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Well somebody from Sonos will certainly read this. Like me though, they may well be scratching their head.

What is Overcast? My Google elicits a band as the first hit.

Either way, likely the advice will be the service/band needs to use the "Sonos Music Partners" service to get added to the Sonos Eco-System.

But if they are a band why not buy their music??
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Overcast is the podcasting app I use on my iphone. It is very user friendly and easy to create playlists on. I would rather stick to this rather this switch everything over to Stitcher.
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This particular podcasting app has come up many times in the forums here. If you want it supported, you need to talk to the author and get them to use Sonos' developer API to add support. But the app is from a one-man-shop and I wouldn't count on them implementing Sonos, especially since the guy comes off as a bit of an Apple bigot.
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Thanks for the info CAW.
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CAW, I have owned the Mac and Apple gear since 1990, and while Marco loves his Apple gear as well, I would hardly call him a bigot.
I use this,

I tried the unofficial Overcast integration and get a "400 bad request" error. I tried from a PC, a MacBook, and an IOS device, same result on each. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong? My Connect:Amp has version 8.0 and the example on the page to register the service shows v. 7.0. Maybe something changed in the newer version that prevents the service from being installed?
Was very interested in this solution as well but I also get the 400 bad request error message.
I would also like to see the Overcast Podcast app have better integration with Sonos.
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As an alternative, you might want to explore Pocket Casts. Very nice app/service, excellent integration with Sonos. I'm not affiliated with them, etc., etc.
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Like several others, i have been using Overcast for many years. I use all of the features and although I have tried other podcast apps, Overcast is my goto

Or was until a couple of months ago. Listening to podcasts is a very "handshakey" activity - you leave the house, listen, come back and want to handover to sonos with timesyncs - ie pick up where you left off

So I tried the unofficial overcast workarounds and the line-in on a connect and they all worked. To a degree. But always with juuuust to much friction or faff

I contacted the author a few times but as he is a one man shop it's not a feature he believes warrants the time it would take to implement

So a couple of months ago I read about PocketCast integration - and at first I struggled with the interface. But now I'm a total convert as it means I can just use it and sonos interdependently and my podcast listening is much easier - when I come home I just click on the podcast and it continues from where I left off

yes I miss Overcast - but less and less each day
I've tried PocketCast for the last three weeks. While the integration was nice with Sonos, I found the more important issue for me was being able to listen to all my downloaded podcasts without requiring any intervention from me. I never was able to do this satisfactorily on PocketCasts, sometimes it would work, sometimes not. I've gone back to Overcast, for that particular feature that works without fail. I do note that the author of Overcast has already written an implementation for Sonos, however he states that he won't release it until Sonos provides a "marked as read" feature in their API, which apparently they haven't done yet.

Both PocketCast and Overcast are great apps. To me, it boiled down to which feature was the most important to me. And I will choose to live with the "only in the car" function at this point. Hopefully, Sonos will implement the requested piece when they can, and allow the creator of Overcast to release/tweak/submit his Sonos feature at some point.
Sorry for the extra post, but here's the creator's twitter post I was referring to. I got the name of the feature wrong.

Marco Arment: I actually wrote the entire Sonos integration over a year ago, but I won’t release it until the API adds a played-to-end callback. July 10, 2017
+1 for Sonos to address this. Anyone with coding experience understand why they wouldn't do this? Add the played-to-end callback to the API?
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I could try and help, if I understood the question. Is there a more technical version of the question somewhere? I have no idea what API is being referred to here.
Referring to the developer Marco Arment’s comment above. That the API doesn’t have “played to end call back.”
I also received 400 Bad request
+1 on Sonos helping Overcast with the integration.
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How come Pocket Casts can handle Sonos synchronisation perfectly (presumably using the current API), but Overcast can’t?
Simply adding my voice to the choir. The one integration preventing me from making the jump to give Sonos a try.
Yes , we need overcast on Sonos, it's the best streaming service out right now for podcasts and radio. Make it happen Sonos
May I urge you to read the entire thread?
Another +1 for Overcast support.
+1 for Overcast support for Sonos !!! (I have also logged a request with Marco Arment). Using Pocketcast as a substitute but definitely not my preferred podcast service.
+1 for Overcast support.