Outputting music through Mac OS and Sonos at same time

Hello, I'm sure this question must have been asked before but I searched the community and could not find the answer.
I want to be able to stream music from Pandora on my Mac and have the sound play through the Mac and Sonos Play5 at the same time. I am currently able to stream Apple Music or any music in iTunes, but outside of iTunes, Mac OS Mojave only allows one audio output.

I've also tried creating an Aggregate Device in the Audio MIDI Setup but that didn't work either, the sound only played through the Mac, no sound from Sonos. Anyone have any idea or suggestion on how to stream audio to multiple speakers in Mac OS?


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Hi there, thank you for your post. Whilst this is a great suggestion and I can definitely see the benefit of it, it is not currently possible. I will be sure to forward your request to the necessary department. Do let us know if you need anything else. Many thanks.

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