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  • 15 December 2011
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So, I have a little girl coming this February and I just bought a Play 3 for her nursery. I'm curious if anyone has recommendations to add to a play list so that my daughter has gentle background mussic to help her have sweet dreams. I'm looking for calm but not childish music. Anyone else do this? If so, please share some of your favorite selections!

4 replies

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I've been working on a "George Winston Inspired" station on both Pandora and Slacker radio and I have found that it strikes nearly everyone as calm background music.
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Daniel May - Berceuses Zen: Bebe du Monde

Basically new age lullabies. It's a Fisher-Price album, I believe. My mini-me has been listening to it for almost 2 years now with a transition to a 'box fan' white noise for the next 12 hours. 🙂
Try classical solo piano, babies love it. For example, Mitsuko Uchida playing the Mozart Sonatas - the Concertos tend to be a little "noisy", best reserved for later years. As just one example. New age guitar is very good too, there are some excellent Windham Hill CDs. Touch is one album that works well.

Other music that works is African. Something like Kaira or New Ancient Strings - Toumani Diabate.

There are many others. It doesn't have to music that adults don't love as well!
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I grew up loving the 17 minute version of "Ina Goodavida" by Iron Butterfly especially with the drum solo!

Actually, start with a Pandora genre search for nursery music, jot down what you like, and then build a playlist from iTunes that way.

Google the various studies of infants and plants and the type of music they like based on the time of day also.

Remember that all-classical or all-mellow or all-rock is just as bad as strained carrots