Not possible to create playlists using music stored on my device

  • 12 January 2019
  • 3 replies

I have loads of music stored on sd card local to my device, so not streamed. The ability to either create playlists using this locally stored music or save a queue of it, is either greyed out or not available. This isn't an issue for streamed music where i can do both. This is an issue particularly now the kids are using the system and wanting to set up their own lists using their music stored locally. How do i enable this feature?

3 replies

This is deliberate. Sonos playlists are stored on the speakrrs and are available to all users. That is inconsistent with music stored on a particular person's device. Just create the playlist on the device, as you would in order to lisren to a playlist on the device. This will then be playable on Sonos, under 'on this mobile device' etc
It seems to be very selective john. It has found several very old playlists from ages ago but no playlists at all
from my huawei mobile phone and hasnt found a test playlist i have just set up moments ago in Vlc media player on my tablet. Any more ideas??
Which music player are you using on phone. I have just set up a Samsung S9 and could not get the playlists to show when using Google Play Music. But playlists created in Samsung Music appeared in Sonos. Maybe you could find an equivalent? If it is finding all playlists it may not even be looking on your phone. I suspect mine was defaulting to my cloud GPM library.

I also store my music on an SD card so had to tell the player to look there.


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