no more free streaming from iOS devices?

  • 29 September 2019
  • 3 replies

hi folks, i'm looking for help with streaming my music library to my sonos speakers without having to pay a music service to do so.

it seems that any way i try, i cant just play my itunes music to my speakers, unless i buy into a streaming service etc, this really p!sses me off!

i payed for the speakers, i payed for the music, now i have to pay monthly to listen, this is outragous. i won't be recommending sonos to anyone.

is there a free way to fix this?

sonos was once convenient, now its quite the opposite?

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3 replies

The Google Play option is free, at least for 50K songs, although I do believe you have to create an account using a credit card first. I've never done it, so that's second hand information.

I used to store and play my music from my computer's hard drive. Subsequently, I moved it to an NAS which I was already using, so at no cost.

I still use iTunes to control my library. I also continue to use my iOS devices to control my Sonos.
There is absolutely no need for you to pay anything to stream your own music. There are numerous options. There is nothing outrageous here. Please read one of the 20 or so existing threads discussing this.
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I use a Raspberry Pi and external drive to feed my collection to my Sonos. Many other options like inexpensive turnkey NAS drives too.

If you have a NAS already you can probably use it or use a Pi as a gateway if you don't want to enable SMB v1 on your NAS.