No fast fwd or rwd on WAV files stored on my NAS drive

  • 3 September 2018
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All the recent CD's I have ripped to my NAS drive no longer offer the ability to fast fwd or rwd on the Sonos app (there is no scubbing bar, if you hold the skip fwd button the display reads Fast forward not available for this song). CD's I ripped a while ago still give me the ability to fast fwd and rwd. I am using the same software dBpoweramp CD ripper. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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4 replies

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Hi, I have a similar problem, would be interested in your views on what I posted a few days earlier:-

I also did some basic troubleshooting, based on MP3 versus WAV format.

I haven;t yet tried FLAC files. Maybe the Sonos software is giving up on WAV??

There seems no way to report bugs to Sonos, and frankly as no Sonos employees reply to any posts in the 'Troubleshooting' forum this may just be another example of functionality getting 'lost' every few updates. Sad.
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Version 9.1 (just released!) seems >not< to resolve this issue...
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Seriously? You can't see responses from Sonos Staff in the trouble shooing forum?

No Jeff S?

No Ryan S?

No Keith N?

No Edward R?

You can't see the Sonos contact page that offers several options?
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Hi Mr Stanley_4,

To answer your question, no, I cannot see any responses to my post from the people you mention in the trouble-shooting forum. TBH there are a lot of posts there, especially regarding podcasts and streaming cutting out using v9 & 9.1. If it's OK with you I'll go old-skool and send Sonos an eMail.