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  • 1 February 2006
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Not having the spare change for an Infrant ReadyNAS (drool) but having a spare 160 gig drive lying around, I decided find a BYOD NAS enclosure.

I looked at a bunch of different enclosures. Ultimately, I settled on the Datago LD1 LanDisk (aka Mapower KC31N). Here's the link to the Mapower site. Although I couldn't find any reviews of the product, I decided to take the plunge because it seemed to be better designed than other BYOD NAS enclosures with respect to cooling.

I purchased it from Provantage for a song (about $70, delivered).

I received the unit yesterday and can report that it more than met my expectations. The enclosure is entirely aluminum and acts as a heat sink (with cooling fins on the side). Although the product literature wasn't clear, the Datago version does have a 40mm cooling fan as well. Overall the build quality is very good and it looks very nice.

Assembling the drive was easier than other drive enclosures I've used. I had it together in less than 10 minutes start to finish.

I then attached it to my computer. At first, I used the USB connection, because I wasn't sure if I could format the hard drive over a LAN connection (I'm now pretty certain you can). After formatting the disk, I unplugged the USB cable and attached the drive with an ethernet cable to my router. I opened Firefox typed in the address and bingo there it was. The literature that comes with the drive leaves a lot to be desired as far as clarity, but the interface itself is very logical. The only thing that stumped me for a few minutes was that after changing the name of unit (so it wouldn't conflict with other LanDisks), the address changed as well.

In any case, I've moved most of my library over to the LanDisk which is now in my AV cabinet connected by ethernet cable to my first ZP. The fan is relatively quiet so I may keep it there.

Perfomance seems quite good for a Sonos application. To give you an idea, I was able to play music stored on the drive while copying music stored elsewhere to it.

Overall, I am very, very pleased with the LanDisk and will probably buy additional units for video storage and streaming. It is an excellent value.

8 replies

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Great review. Thanks a lot! I've been thinking of building my own NAS box for a while now, and that one seems pretty well designed. A few questions...

1. One of my biggest concerns with equipment is the noise it makes, and that's barely ever touched on in reviews. You said the fan is "relatively quiet". I know it's hard to describe quietness, but is there anything you could compare it to?

2. Also, does the enclosure/drive do any kind of power management where the drive and fan spin down when inactive? Is this configurable?

3. Are these units stackable? Designed to be so?

4. Where did you buy it? Newegg (my favorite) has other Mapower items, but not this one.

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As far as noise goes, I'd say its above a whisper but not as loud as a typical desktop. It's certainly not a whining noise or anything. I was actually concerned about that myself and thought about buying an ultra quiet 40mm fan (probst or similar). I don't really think I'll have to do it.

I'm not sure if it's got power management. Again the manual isn't that helpful and I didn't see anything immediately apropos of that in the web interface. On the other hand, I wasn't really looking for that. Also I didn't go through all of the material on the included CD which mostly seemed to be drivers.

I think it would be stackable. There's no venting on the top and the unit is very rigid.

I bought mine at Provantage. I buy a lot of my office gadgets from them. Fast shipping.
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Sounds like a great way of building a NAS. I was curious as to what the harddrive connection was inside. Is it IDE or SATA? Never really looked at NAS's before so have very little experience with them, but I do like the idea of creating one since HD space is so cheap and this looks like a great solution. Just plug it into my router. I'm assuming that there is some config tool so that you can set a static internal IP address.


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The box is not set up for SATA, just regular old PATA/IDE.

As an update, I've had the box up and running now for two weeks and remain thrilled with the performance and value. It runs cool even when I've been ripping CD's to it for hours.
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I bought the mapwer LAN Disk.
I work rather well. However I have some remarks and questions.

The fan is extremely noisy. I will need to hide my unit somewhere so I not hear the fan.

Instruction manual = very poor. you need to be a computer expert in setting up Router and LANDisk since nothing about router and Windows XP settings are mentioned in the manual.

USB and LAN cables can not be connected and used at same time. you need to disconnect one cable in order to use the other service. Default is USB. So LAN is only working if USB cable is off.

FTP is working but havent tried it so much, from my work it worked VERY slow, it could be poor line but have to test more to say why so slow, 4 mb in 20 minutes with broadband both at home and work. I just thought the FTP setup was little odd. If you want users to download in one folder (write protected) and let same user upload files into another folder you need to create two user accounts and let user logout and then login again. Other software based FTP service are way better than this FTP service.
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SHP or Mikasand or anyone with experience with the mapower landisk,

I have it setup, i can get to the setup from the explorer. I changed the name and password as recommended.

I see the hard drive and formatted it (like 1 second?!), and now i'm not sure how to proceed.

Where is it on my computer and do i need to configure it further?

All help appreciated