Newbie ... Music Services Disappear & Error 701

  • 4 August 2020
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I just got my system set up yesterday. I have 4 Amps, a Port, a Sub and an Arc. The TV works great with the Arc and surround speakers. My problem is in getting music to play. I added Amazon Music, Apple Music and SiriusXM. Almost immediately when trying to play a song I get a 701 error. Some like … "An error occurred while adding songs to the queue (701)". This happens 90% of the time. I can remove the services and add it back and still see the same issue. The related (I think) issue is that services randomly disappear from the App. This morning, I opened the app and found I had no services linked again.


It feels like some type of network problem. I have a good speed (ATT fiber at ~800 mbps when on ethernet). Wireless is through Google Wifi (I get >100 mbps where the amps are located). I am wondering if it is GoogleWifi. I am thinking of getting a Boost and plugging it into the modem to see if that helps. Any other thoughts?


I love the potential of the system, but after writing that big check to get all the equipment and get is installed, I can see myself getting frustrated super quickly.

1 reply

I agree with your suspicion of a network issue, but I don’t think you need to get a BOOST to test that. It’s true that there are some aspects of many mesh networks that cause issues for the Sonos need for each speaker to be able to talk to the others, but I think you could easily connect one of your Sonos devices, at least temporarily, to the base device of your Google mesh. That would move your system from being connected to the Google mesh to the SonosNet mesh (after a couple of minutes, anyway). After doing that, you should remove the Google network information and test. 

If that works, and I think it will, you can then decide whether or not you have a Sonos speaker close enough to your router to leave wired. If not, the a BOOST is a great solution, and the one I use. But don’t spend the money until you test.