New Play1 setup: can't locate shared iTunes library on iMac

  • 24 November 2016
  • 4 replies

Hello Sonos community,
New user, I've succeeded in connecting my new Play1 to my home wifi (via iMac didn't work, but via iP 6 app it did).
I now want to add the music library or some playlists to the sonos but can't see them. It mentions to select a playlist and "add to Sonos favorite" (in French but something like that) but this option is not visible from iTunes on my iMac… Any input appreciated!

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4 replies

2nd entry/ question, same problem: upon further searching (namely FAQ section) it seems I can't access the manage options, since the words are in grey and not in black. Any clues as to why? Should I try to uninstall Sonos all together & reinstall?? Again, any input appreciated.
If your Manage menus are greyed out, you are using a partially supported controller or your controller and firmware versions are mismatched. The current controller requires MacOS 10.9 or higher. 10.7 and 10.8 will lose a good portion of the manage and setup menus. Not you can also add a share via iOS. Share the top level folder on your Mac, the copy down the share path (i.e "\\MacName\FolderName"), then add that share path when prompted in the music library setup on the iOS device.
Thank you jgatie, I will indeed look at upgrading the iOs, which is causing other problems with compatible devices & softwares (or no longer compatible).
Upgrading the MacOs that is 🙂