New music service: MURFIE. Stream your entire CD collection.

[WARNING! Shameless promotion for a just-launched Sonos Music Service below!] :)

The team at Murfie is pleased to announce that we’ve graduated out of Sonos Labs. Our music service is now officially available for your Sonos systems.

Murfie is an online music service for your CD collection. Murfie offers a buying, selling, and trading community for music lovers who want traditional ownership of their music with the convenience of remote storage and digital access.

If you’re a music lover like we are, you’ve got CDs. And if you’re a Sonos lover like we are, Murfie lets you dust off (admit it - they’re gathering dust!) your entire CD collection and start enjoying it - again - on your Sonos.

Try Murfie out - it’s easy. Sign up for a Murfie account now and get Murfie Gold, a $29 annual service, gratis through April 30, 2013. Just sign up, request a free shipping kit, and send your CDs to the cloud. You’ll have 24/7 access to our music streaming service on any web browser (and smartphone soon) as well as on your Sonos system.

P.S. Don’t forget to visit our music marketplace - Earth’s largest used CD store with over 200,000 discs for sale at prices starting as low as $1.

Got any questions? Opinions? Suggestions? Just give us a holler at [EMAIL=""][/email] or post right here. Thanks!

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There's a Sonos FAQ at

In what countries is Murfie available?
Murfie is currently available for streaming on Sonos in the US.

What is the streaming rate and streaming format for Murfie on Sonos?
Murfie streams using MP3 over HTTP up to 320 kbps.

Thanks ratty.

There's a FAQ on our site as well which has some additional info:

All of the discs we receive are ripped lossless and then down-converted to 320 kbps for streaming.

We are US-constrained at the moment.
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Welcome! It's always good to see new services connected to Sonos, even if I'm not in the US...

One question: is there a limitation on the size/number of tracks that can be stored?
I didn't find the fees for sending own CDs to Murfie - I was thinking at the 65K+ tracks people but I doubt these guys would accept sending all their CD collection out of their home!
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SBroderick wrote:

We are US-constrained at the moment.

When will you be going globally?
crilo wrote:

is there a limitation on the size/number of tracks that can be stored?
I didn't find the fees for sending own CDs to Murfie

Independent of any Sonos track constraints, on Murfie, there is no limit to the number of CDs you can own. Right now our largest collector has about 3,500 CDs stored with us, though we have a few folks with 6,000+ disc collections who are in the process of sending them in.

Our average user's collection is about 200 discs.

(Within the US) you can request up to two free shipping kits, and you can send in about 200 per kit. There's no charge for that.

If you have a big collection, please drop us an email [EMAIL=""][/email] so we can help you sort the details out.
beynym wrote:

When will you be going globally?

We don't have firm dates yet on this. We are working on it though!

Since your music streamed from Murfie is based on the ownership of physical CDs, going live in a given country is in part a function of the "fair use" laws in that country. In some countries these rules are less clear than others. In some countries there are in fact laws that preclude a third party (like Murfie) from ripping your discs for you. So we're navigating through these issues.

We'd very much love to hear from the Sonos community about what countries they'd like to see us support! Which ones first?!?!?
The "fair use" laws in the U.S. state that after you send in your CDs to MURFIE, you must delete or destroy any personal copies you have of these recordings. I wonder how many people will actually comply with this requirement. If MURFIE goes belly-up, customers would lose all access to their music, or they might have to pay additional fees for access if MURFIE is sold, or if MURFIE simply increases its prices. Of course, you don't have to worry about any of these possibilities if you keep a copy for yourself, even if it's illegal to do so.
jazzshrink - your reading of the US "fair use" rules would be correct if the CDs didn't remain YOUR property, which they do.

The way Murfie works, the discs you send to us are ripped and warehoused on your behalf - but they remain yours. At any point, if you so desire, we'll send them back to you. Since they belong to you, you have the right to listen to digital copies just as if they were stored in your residence (Imagine storing your CDs in a big safe deposit box at your bank; they remain your property even though they are securely stored off site).

If you choose to trade a disc away or sell it, we will remove it from your online locker so you won't be able to stream it any longer from Murfie. For any discs you sell or trade away, the law requires that you destroy any copies of it that you've made - no different than if you gave the CD to a buddy or sold it away at your local used record store.
I actually just learned about Murfie, but it looks as if your fees have gone up substantially since last year.

Have you considered a scalable fee structure (e.g., cost per CD ripped/stored goes down for larger quantities)?

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