New Apple Music playlists not appearing in Sonos

  • 26 January 2017
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Seems any new playlists I create in Apple Music, whether on my iPhone or in iTunes, does not appear in Sonos. Updates to previously created playlists are reflected in Sonos, it's only new playlists not appearing. Anyone else having this problem since Sonos update 7.1?

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10 replies

I am having the same problem. I tried adding new playlists from iOS and from iTunes on my mac. New playlists are not appearing on Sonos controller app. I tried to remove and add Apple Music service again on the controller app, but did not help either. I am not sure if this is happening after the update to version 7.1, since I did not add a new playlist for quite sometime. Could not find any solutions on the Apple Music forums either. Anyone has any working solutions yet?
The same problem here, but no additions at all are updated, e.g. albums. I tried reinstalling the controller, but no joy. The phone app doesn't pick up additions either. Very poor. Also tried reauthorising the account.
I am having the same problem! Since updating to 7.1 any newly added playlists, songs, albums, anything in iTunes are not appearing in my sonos controller. Very frustrating since the only way I access my music library on sonos is via Apple Music. Really hope this gets fixed soon as my expensive sonos music system is effectively useless at this point.
There appear to be multiple threads about this, all over the boards. I believe I saw one a few minutes ago that suggested that it would resolve itself within 24 hours. I'm assuming there's some sort of update/push going on, and it may not be an immediate thing. I'd be interested in all of your responses tomorrow, to see if it has indeed resolved itself. If not, I'd encourage you to post a diagnostic of your system for the Sonos folks to look at:
There appear to be multiple threads about this, all over the boards. I believe I saw one a few minutes ago that suggested that it would resolve itself within 24 hours.

Many thanks for this, I hope that it is indeed so (bows graciously); rest assured, I'll be here with a comment of some sort, chief 😃
I've tried lots of things through this morning but can't make it work. Diagnostic has been submitted: 7038994
Hoping for a reply from the good sonos folks. Thanks everyone
Interesting; I rebooted the speaker and it appears to be picking up albums and whatnot -- but not playlists yet, so will keep an eye on things. Cheers all.
Heh. Well, I'm not terribly surprised that it might be several different things, all culminating in a similar experience, which is why I suggested posting the diagnostic. Only the Sonos guys have access to that, as far as I'm aware, and they've certainly got more experience in figuring this stuff out. 🙂
Hmm. Something or other seems to have worked, wish I knew what it was; but the playlists have now appeared on all devices, so courage mes braves! All manner of thing shall be well.

I'm somewhat humbled by the awesome systems people have here; I am like a baby, with my single Play:5. :)

Oh well. Bye all,

Awesome... restarted the controller and now I can see all my playlist 🙂