Network speed error playing FLAC files from microJukebox over Sonos

I purchased a Small Green Computing microJukebox to rip and store CDs as FLAC files for playback via Sonos, partly because there were reports that these two "played well together" pretty seamlessly. Since ripping all those files, we've had near constant errors of "Unable to play: Network connection speed insufficient to maintain playback buffer." We've juiced our home Wifi several times due to challenging architecture and dead zones; we now have 5 WAPs in a 4500 sq ft home. So I'm surprised there's a 'network connection speed' issue unless it's just the capability of the Sonos Bridge itself? We do have 10 rooms on Sonos and some have pairs or multiples...but our info was that Sonos could handle the load and buffering of FLACs. I've done a mirror of the FLACs as MP3s for my car and mobile devices, so for now have redirected Sonos to those lower-fidelity files and those seem to play back fine. But the whole idea of using the microJukebox was to be able to play back higher quality sound files. Any suggestions? I've sent in a Sonos Diagnostic of the network prior to the redirect to MP3s to see if that leads to any other discovery about our set-up/network. Diagnostic #1971419614

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Bridge? Always the first suspect in network issues. Hook a different Sonos speaker to Ethernet and unplug POWER from the Bridge, wait a few minutes and see if things improved.

If that fixed it you can leave the other Sonos wired, buy a new Boost or try to revive the Bridge with a new power supply.

Since you mentioned a Bridge and your Home WiFi you might not realize that with the Bridge you are in Boost mode and not using your home WiFi except to connect the controllers to the Sonos devices. See Boost mode in the FAQ.

As to NAS speed, I use a Raspberry Pi 3b and playing four FLAC streams it is almost idle, Sonos is a very small load on a file server.

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