neil young archives

  • 2 December 2017
  • 7 replies

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sonos please create a channel to play the neil young archives

7 replies

Userlevel 2 you can play, FOR FREE, almost every song Neil Young has recorded! I am listening to it through crappy computer speakers right now. This just started Dec. 1st so you should check it out!
Yes, Please add as a sonos station! The quality is great and it would be a perfect match Sonos, since the sonos speakers sound so good.
Neil (his technical crew) would need to add it to Sonos himself, via the Sonos Partners program. None of his silly "high rez" files over 16/44.1 would work on Sonos. He has given in to commerce recently, and allowed his catalog to be streamed on Tidal, Spotify, etc, after his Pono disaster, so not much point to adding this latest service of his.
It can stream it all at 320kbs mp3 as well. The underlying streaming technology is Orastream, which says it adapts the stream to fit the bandwidth available. On point with this discussion is that Orastream, at its website, says streaming will be available to SONOS among other things. I wonder who makes that happen (I understand that it should be Orastream and not Sonos).
from FAQ
Yes, BRIO has built-in external interfaces to SONOS, Chromecast Audio, DLNA/UPnP-supported audio systems. BlueSound support is currently under QA-certification by BlueSound engineers.
Agreed. Would love to see the Archives paired up with Sonos.
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Yes please very much. Even if limited to 1411kbps
Another upvote. Loving his site. Until then, a lot of the content is on tidal in a nice high bitrate.


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