NAS music folder disappears

  • 11 September 2019
  • 3 replies

To prepare for playing from iPhone to be discontinued (and because the music kept skipping or interrupting when played from my phone, no matter what I did to try and fix it) I’ve transferred my music to a drive connected to my router. All goes well for a few days, then the Sonos app says the path is not valid. I have an app on my phone that enables me to see the folder structure on the drive and sure enough the music folder has disappeared (though all the others remain). I connect the drive into my laptop and everything is there, including music folder. Then back in the router and everything works for a couple of days until it doesn’t, and in exactly the same way. Any ideas?

3 replies

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Type of router? Path to share? Probably simply a crap implementation on your router.
BT homehub. As I say, the path works for a while and the.n stops.
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Oh. BT homehub. Ah. That particular router has been "popular" on the forum for a long time, though not sure if its file share feature has been featured much. Maybe others have some experience, but if it was me I'd look into an alternative, non-BT solution.