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  • 17 August 2017
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I'm about to purchase a Play 5. I have my music stored on a Synology NAS.The files are stored in this sort of structure : \\diskstation\media\music\MP3s\artist name - album name\01.Track Name.mp3. There is a similar structure for the FLAC encoded music, with a lot of duplication - I ripped all my CDs to mp3 and FLAC. Is this usable as a music source? Is the duplication going to cause problems?

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4 replies

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Depends on what you mean by "problems". If Sonos encounters a duplicate (and I believe Sonos will consider a duplicate based on identical tags) then one of them will be ignored (ie will not be in the index). You won't be able to control whether the mp3 or FLAC version is indexed.
My advice would be to create your folder structure so all your FLACs are in one branch and the mp3s in another and then point Sonos to the one you want.
Fair enough. And, apart from the duplicates question, the pathname / filename structure ('\\diskstation\media\music\MP3s\artist name - album name\01.Track Name.mp3") is OK? I've been using it with foobar2000 until now, no involvement with iTunes or anything liek that.
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Yes. That's fine. Sonos indexes using the tags in the file only.
I ripped a CD recently which wasn't in the Music database so I manually entered the file names as 1, 2, 3 and so on - I filled in the Track name tag fully and they appear correctly in the Sonos index
Great, thanks for your help.