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SCENARIO: Someone tells me I must check out the latest disc from group "A"

Days later, I flip into Napster search on my sonos...sure enough, group "A" exists and has 8 "albums"

Unfortunately, I don't know this group at all, so don't know which of these are "albums" or singles or ep's and I don't know which of these albums is the most recent. The work begins...

I switch over to the desktop sonos app...same deal. It lists a bunch of "albums" and only by expanding can I tell which are singles, ep's etc. Also included are multiple versions of albums for different regions, with no way of seeing which ones that have no tracks available for play in my region (except by expanding each release). Frustration at every turn.

Request: Ability to sort by or at least display the release date of an artist's catalog, as well as filter out releases with no stream-able tracks. I love seeking out music that is new to me, so searching for an artist and being able to simply click to hear their latest release (that is presumably causing the buzz) would be fantastic. Similarly, Napster's "new releases" option is worthless from the iphone app unless you happen to know the name of the release--since it doesn't show the artist. Try clicking on an album called "Greatest Hits" or "Live" and I'm sure you'll get hear what you had in mind. 🙂

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This is probably a better post for our Sound Ideas thread, but to answer one of your questions Napster lists their albums by year of release. This can still be confusing if there is an album that is re-released, but this is one feature that Napster has that is nice.

I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure the majority of these changes would take some changes on Napsters API as well as our own, but anything is possible.



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