'My Deezer Library' 400 track limit

  • 21 September 2011
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Since it's recently arrived in the UK I thought I'd give Deezer a quick spin on the 15-day Premium+ evaluation.

Adding albums to 'My Deezer Library', all was well until I soon hit a roadblock and it would refuse to accept any more.

Checking on deezer.com I find that Sonos stores its 'My Deezer Library' in a 'Sonos Track Library' playlist with a ceiling of 400 tracks.

The Deezer FAQ says that "your playlists are limited to 500 tracks" but an additional 100 tracks is neither here nor there. The entire design seems completely compromised if one can store no more than a few hundred tracks in 'My Deezer Library'.

What's more, playlists added to 'My Music' in deezer.com don't show up anywhere in Sonos. The 'Playlists' branch in 'My Deezer Library' remains stubbornly empty.

Members with more experience of Deezer may be able to tell me I'm missing something obvious?

EDIT: FWIW the Deezer FAQ is evidently out of date, though it does confirm that Deezer playlists are not visible in Sonos.

4 replies

I contacted Deezer support about this and the response:
The 400 track limit on your "My Deezer Library" is limited by Sonos and not by Deezer. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

The fact is that adding tracks directly to the 'Sonos Track Library' playlist on deezer.com also fails at 400 tracks, presumably because Sonos required the restriction.
Well I asked Sonos and they said it was Deezer who unilaterally lowered the limits on the 'Sonos Track Library' last Autumn.

So, for any lurkers, raising the limit has been logged as a request and that's how things stand at present. End of story.

So much for the Premium+ evaluation...
Ratty, thanks for reporting this.

I just started my Deezer Premium+ evaluation and I can confirm that the 400 track limit for the Sonos/Deezer library is still in place.

The other playlists do show up now. However, that is of limited value because you cannot sort them by album/artist and maintaining the playlists through the Deezer web interface is painfully inefficient (track by track only).

Add to this the broken privacy settings (your profile is always visible), lack of any help/FAQ and the nice-but-hardly-usable MP3 upload feature, and it feels like I'm beta testing the service.

That's a shame, because the high-bitrate streams sound good and their catalogue is quite decent. I think I'll cancel my trial and go with Napster instead, despite their 128kbps streams.
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Who sorts the issue out.

Ok before i go any further I've been a user of Spotify & then Deezer (as I was getting frustrated with Spotify not releasing a ipad app).

Also I Wanted a Sonos which I got for Xmas 2011 I had intended to expand on the initial Play 5 that was bought for me in the next couple of months however after finding this issue & the forum to back up what I thought here is my take on it..

Sonos the System is Very good Excellent sound quality etc..
but we (all Sonos users) all pay a MASSIVE Premium for it we (All Sonos users) expect the software & 3rd party integrations to work if they dont work we expect you to work with you 3rd party Vendor to get the issue resolved & at least tell users that its getting fixed & an estimated timeline.

What we Don't expect is for Sonos to blame Deezer & then Deezer to blame Sonos...

SORT IT OUT WE (all Sonos users) DONT CARE WHO IS AT FAULT........

until I see this issue resolved I seriously doubt I will be purchasing further Sonos Speakers.

Not happy Sonos user