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  • 11 November 2016
  • 6 replies

I have duplicate tracks in my music pane and cannot delete them. I can delete from playlists or queues but not music pane

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6 replies

Where are the music files in question stored?
In a folder on pc
You need to delete the duplicates from the PC then, you can't do it from within the Sonos app.
So, you cannot delete any music from sonos once you put it in? There is a right-click menu with copy/paste/cut but the cut is grayed out, not enabled. Is that what you mean? If I delete from my pc, the music is then gone from both the pc and from sonos?
Sorry I sound dumb, but this is new to me
Sonos simply indexes the music files it finds in your library storage location. In your case this is a folder on your PC.

Change the contents of the library folder/subfolders on the PC, then tell Sonos to update its library index. Sonos will note the additions/modifications, and remove from the index any files that have been deleted.
Thanks, ratty. That's what I finally figured out so am happy to have it from an expert. Now I have to convince my husband he has to do it on his pc hahaha