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  • 30 June 2020
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Hi all…


I have a relatively large Sonos system, which wants to update to allow the progression to S2 (and has been pushing for this for a few weeks).  The issue comes that if I do my Connect:Amp will stop working with the rest of the system, which in itself is not a major issue but that device is paired with a Play:3 in the same room and if I do this, as I understand it that grouping won’t happen anymore and the Connect:Amp will be an isolated device which will allow me to just use it on its own.  My concern is that as I bought most of the system at a similar time (around 7 years ago) a large portion of my system will slowly go out of date and I wll be hit with this as an ongoing issue.  Opting to replace a perfectly working device for 50% is not financially viable for me, and to be honest feels unfair.

As a consequence of the above I have opted not to update, and was aware some functionality would not work, but what isn’t clear is what functionality is affected.  I have this afternoon found out that I can’t even update the music index and in fact the schedule is even greyed out. 

I am really quite frustrated by this decision from Sonos to deal with the updates in this way, I work in Technology and there are always options, and this seems to me to be very self-indulgent option from Sonos, and not in the interests of the users.  The products are not cheap in the slightest and in reality are a significant investment in this company.

Has anyone found a way round this or am I actually hamstrung in my options?


Many thanks in advance…


5 replies

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Hi @User198220.

Thanks for reaching out.


I totally understand where you’re coming from, let me help you and figure this out.

You can continue using the S1 Controller app to control your system.

I suggest checking this article, it will outline the options for your system.


When updating the music library index fails, we may need to explore the potential causes.

  • If your Sonos app and system are not on the same version, this will prohibit you from accessing some settings.
  • What device you are using?
  • You can read more about this, here is the article.


I’d like to look into this more, but I will need some more details.

Can you please submit a diagnostic report through the Sonos app, and provide us the confirmation number.

It will help us identify what is causing your issue.


Let us know how it goes and If you have any other questions or run into any issues, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Annazal S


Thank you for your response, and although your kind words are well intentioned it doesn’t change the fact that I have invested a huge amount of money and time into what I saw was a long term audio solution but now am seriously concerned I am going to be left with a completely useless system.

FYI, I use the app on my Mac, iPhone and iPad.

I have had a read of the article on updating the library which needed me to then read another article, which talks about the update music index being greyed out and suggests I need to update the app or Sonos system, but if I do that I will have an isolated device so until I have worked it out how I will deal with that I don’t want to update but I do want to update my music library index.

From this diagnostics report (#241635638) can you please advise what you can see that might be stopping my index from being updated?


Many thanks, Ian...

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Hi @User198220.

Thank you for the response.


Upon checking on the diagnostic report, I see that it was submitted using your Mac.

There are different kinds of errors showing on the system, but I will focus first on the music library.

I just want to verify, what is the source of the music library share, is it the Mac computer?

Are you Using a NAS drive with Sonos


If using a Mac computer, there are a few things I noticed that may possibly cause this issue:

  • Name resolution, music library setup will use the local hostname of the Mac, compare the names from the following two locations in Mac System Preferences:

                         System Preferences > Network > Advanced > WINS

                         System Preferences > Sharing > Computer Name

                *** If the names do not match, change the sharing name, then reboot the Mac.

  • Verify that the SonosLibraryServer is running, it may help to check the protocol Sonos is attempting to use.

                          1.  Remove any existing SMB (Server Message Block) shares on the Mac and Sonos app.
                          2.  Go to Mac’s System Preferences > Sharing > File Sharing
                          3.  Toggle File Sharing OFF, this forces an HTTP share.
                          4.  Then, try updating again the music library.


If the issue persists, please recreate it, then submit a diagnostic report using the computer and reply to us with the new confirmation number.

Let us know how it goes and if you have any other questions or run into any issues, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Alternatively, you may wish to contact through Sonos Support.

I suggest phone support because they have more resources available on their system.

Contact Number: 1-800-680-2345
The hours of operations are Mon-Fri 10 am-9 pm Eastern time.   


Hi there


My NAS is an actual NAS (a QNAP).  Regardless of whether I use my Mac or my iPhone the preferences will not let me update the music library settings at all unless I update the system (all options are greyed out).  This is not what I believe is supposed to be the case, and very clearly is not what you expected based on your first response.

I have actually submitted a new diagnostics report from my iPhone Sonos app - it is is 1859467370, can you please just double check that before I try phone support.  If i do go down the phone support route can you advise if there is a UK number and what hours they would be please?

many thanks


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Hi @User198220.

Thank you for the response.

I’m sorry that you are experiencing this issue.

I checked the diagnostics, I’m still seeing the same errors on your system.

At this point, I highly recommend contacting phone support for further troubleshooting, they have more resources and options available.

You can visit our Sonos Support website to check if there’s a specific line for UK support.


If you have any other questions or run into any issues, please do not hesitate to reach out.

You are always welcome here in the community.