Music Library Sort by Album Date

  • 7 August 2017
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I have a really large music collection on a shared hdd. Accessing 2000+ CD's is daunting and really difficult if I am interested in listing to my latest music or older music from a past decade. Could we include a way to show albums by year released as this information is already in the mega tags?

Currently you can sort by Artist, Album, Composers (useless), Genres, Songs, Imported Playlists (not been able to figure this one out as I have lots of playlists but none of them import), and Folders. By adding album year would make larger collections much more manageable.

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3 replies

Labeled Release Year in Media Player
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Sonos has no idea about the year of anything. For Library content it could use the mp3 tags, but that costs 2 bytes per track, and the 65,000 track limit would likely be impacted. Meanwhile for music services, SMAPI has no provision for the year at all, so would need to be updated, then all the services updated to include that info.
Simple solution - Replace Composers with year. Never use composers.