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  • 6 August 2017
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How can I get this to work with Sonos? Does Sonos have plans to add it as an app?

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6 replies

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Do you have a link to the place you are talking about, without a starting point we'd just be playing search engine roulette trying to guess.

Here you go, thx
Well, you'd need to petition those folks to get the API that Sonos gives to anyone who's interested in integration with the Sonos app. .They'd have to do some work, and pass it over to Sonos for QA and publishing. That's the way all the other partners have done it. Spotify has gone one step further, by working with Sonos to create a new API that lets you control your Sonos speakers from inside the Spotify app, but that is likely a similar situation, where the significant amount of effort is on the other party, not Sonos.
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Meanwhile you could always download the available ones you like and save them on a local drive or NAS so you could stream them to yourself.

Not sure if you can get a copy of the stream only ones but that is probably possible too.
A little out of my depth, but couldn't you set up the streams as "favorites" in Sonos, and use that function to listen to them?
See the post I made here. Works from the desktop controller.