music apps wont play

  • 9 February 2020
  • 2 replies

Second time it’s happened.  Power in my home goes out a few minutes.  Message is “no music selected”.  I have turned the power off on the sound bar and modem several times and it won’t reset. Seems like the modem is blocking the connection.  The sound bar works on the television.  Not sure what else to do.  

2 replies

Unplug your Sonos devices from power. Reboot your router. plug back in your Sonos devices.

Note, if this works, and it should, I’d recommend reading your router’s manual to learn how to set up reserved IP addresses for your devices in the router’s DHCP table. 

Thanks.  Same thing happened this time as the last time.  I did what you said and it didn’t work.  Just as last time it mysteriously started working about two days later.  Going to try to figure out the reserved IP address as I think the router is the issue.  Somehow it’s temporarily blocking it.  Much appreciated.  M