Multi-Room TIDAL Failing

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Has anyone successfully streamed TIDAL to multiple rooms? I have no trouble at all streaming Pandora One and Sonos at 320k but TIDAL chokes and is choppy to no end playing only for a second in the other rooms every minute.

The WiFi is set to a non-overlapping channel. Nearest neighbor WiFi that overlaps on 6 where Sonos is set has a -67 RSS and there is one using channel 4 at -62.

The two Plays are within 10 feet of the root bridge and the connectivity matrix shows green status.

The root itself if yellow and is reporting OFDM Weak signal level: 5 with noise floors of -89, -93, -89

Any suggestions? Should I switch to WiFi mode? I don't have a congested network as I use hard-wire for all other high-bandwidth applications like Netflix. I am also considering a Boost.


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Channel 4 at -62dB could potentially be destructive to Sonos on channel 6. Channel 4 extends from 2 through 6.

Do channels 1 or 11 look cleaner for SonosNet? In either case you'd ideally be looking for any neighbour's channel stronger than, say, -80dB being no closer than channel 6.

TIDAL is of course more demanding. Presumably it plays okay on the wired device? What Sonos model is that?

Does it make a difference if you start play on the wired Player then add the others (as opposed to starting play on a wireless unit)?

That channel 4 person might be using "Auto" and move from channel to channel. Without a little social engineering you'll be stuck with that. We normally recommend that SONOS and WiFi be on different channels, but occasionally the best compromise is to double up on the same channel. One needs to experiment with this. You may be able to move some of the WiFi clients to 5GHz and relieve some congestion on 2.4GHz
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The only non-overlapping channels on the 2,4 Ghz network are 1,6,11. So put Sonos on one and your network on another.

Scan for other wifi networks (from the neighborhood) and act accordingly.

Worst case: wire all of your Sonos devices if you want to stick with Tidal.

But make sure to use pure gold Cat0815 Ethernet cables, as normal Cat5e or 6 cables will degrade your "Hi Fidelity music experience" to a non-acceptable level.

(This was a joke, just to make that clear, ;))
I have found tidal can be quite intermittent at certain times, more often in the evenings.

Do you have .flac files on your server you can try multi room streaming? Should be very similar bandwidth I guess.

On a separate note I actually have my sonos and wifi networks set to the same channel and I get the best results like that! Very odd but there are a lot of wireless networks nearby so it is not possible to get a clear channel.

If I move my wifi off the channel some other nearby network takes up the channel and introduces more interference. I have two wired sonos and three wireless, pretty much works flawlessly.


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