MP3 file visible, Sonos appears to play it, but no sound

  • 5 November 2016
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Hi all

Advice appreciated. I have had a Sonos set-up for some time and it is all working as it should. A very standard set up with music on a NAS that is cabled to a Bridge or Connect (I don’t know which mine is, as it looks different to current models).

All working fine except for one annoyance: I have used get-iPlayer to download a few radio programmes. I have downloaded these as m4a and mp3 with the same outcome. The files are playable using VLC when on my Mac. There appears to be nothing wrong with the files, and indeed they even have appropriate BBC artwork.

When I move these files to my NAS, they are visible in Sonos. The artwork is present and the programme duration is appropriate (if relevant, the programmes are 90 minutes to 2 hours duration). When I attempt to play the files, Sonos indicates that it is playing (the cursor moves along the timeline) but no sound is produced.

What is wrong? Prime suspect is some kind of DRM - could that be it? Or programme duration?

Advice appreciated.

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2 replies

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Hi, Sergeant Pluck. At the moment, I am inclined to think that the issue may indeed pertain to DRM. Are you downloading these directly from BBCiPlayer? I will be able to tell you more if you can provide me with a diagnostic of your system. Please be sure to respond with the confirmation number. Thank you in advance!
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I have seen this when there is an IP address conflict. I would try turning off as many wifi devices as you can and then rebooting router. Boot the bridge before booting rest of Sonos units.