Mixcloud search not working

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Search function on iPhone app not bringing up Mixcloud shows under the new “Podcasts and Shows” section.

This previously worked when just “Shows” heading before recent release.

i’ve reset controller and disconnected/reconnect Mixcloud account on app.

Mixcloud search works fine on PC app (you can specify “Mixcloud” search there).


Anyone encountered similar, or even better, overcome issue please?


Many thanks and stay safe







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My Mixcloud queue updates from where I’ve used the Mixcloud app and I can play the Mixcloud tracks on my Sonos system - I just can’t get any Mixcloud tracks on the search function. If I try searching a track I’ve just played (a radio session) from Mixcloud, no Mixcloud entries, including that session, show up under any search heading. Has the link between Sonos and Mixcloud broken in either the latest Sonos or Mixcloud release? Are other people able to search Mixcloud on the latest versions?


My example was: “This is Graeme Park: Long Live House DJ Mix 10APR 2020”

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Hello @IJP,

Welcome to the Sonos Community and thank you for reaching out with your question.

I have seen a few cases like this recently but the behavior seems to vary widely between controllers. 

Can you submit a diagnostic report from both your working computer Sonos application and your Sonos phone app?

Please respond with the confirmation numbers so that we can take a look at what might be happening here. 

Hello to all

I’m facing the exactly same problem as @IJP 

@Jean C. Is there already any solution to this? Or do you need any more diagnostic reports from my side?

Hello all

I’m having the same problem, cannot search anything on mixcloud. Deleted the mixcloud service, added it back in, still no joy

Any info? Thanks 

Hope someone can help please?


Within Search on the new S2 App, I have noticed when searching it doesn’t bring anything found within Mixcloud. I have also noticed that the Tags Header has disappeared which is a Header from Mixcloud.


Search integration with Mixcloud worked perfectly within the S1 App.


I have removed and reauthorized my Mixcloud Account within the S2 App but hasn’t made any difference.


Anybody else found the same?



I have found the same, just came on here to find answers, used to search for live performances on mixcloud through the ‘shows’ search, now that has merged with podcasts and doesn’t seem to use mixcloud? Very frustrating. Only way I can play is to use mixcloud app and airplay to my Sonos system

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Hello @Ian w. & @rogerty,

I’ve been reviewing these on a case by case basis to see if I can figure this out.

Diagnostic reports from each of of your systems could help me see if there is a communication issue in your system that could be interfering with this function. 

  • Have you checked to make sure that this isn’t occurring on other services within Sonos?
  • Have you tested this on other available phones or devices running the Sonos app?  

Hi Jean C

No error messages appear, so I don’t have a diagnostic report, all that happens is that there are no searches for Mixcloud

Amazon Music and Spotify is working ok for searches. Tried Audible which does not come up with anything, however, I did not try this before the upgrade so don’t know if that’s changed?

At the moment for mixcloud I’m using their app and airplay, but I’d prefer to use the Sonos app as it’s all in one place.

I don’t have any other devices to check it with, only iPad 

If you’ll let me know your thoughts 

Thanks, Ian 

Hi Jean C.

Thanks for the request.

Soundcloud, Spotify, TuneIn works with search results.

I have some very interesting information concerning the different devices running the Sonos App:

  • Always based on Sonos App S2
  • Search section with my IPhone 7 shows results for subjects > Interpret, Title, Album, Playlists, Station, Genre, Podcasts&Shows and Componist - That’s it
  • My wife’s Samsung with Andrtoid shows results for subjects > same as above - PLUS: User, SHOWS (!!!) and Tags 
    So, in total 3 more subjects
  • And under SHOWS there are the search results for Mixcloud (see picture)
  • This was exactly the same before with Sonos S1 on IOS - but now in version S2 this 3 subjects are missing in the App and Mixcloud cannot appear under SHOWS.

I think @Ian w. can confirm the subjects and also the missing subjects - especially SHOWS - in the new App version 2…

In this printscreen you can see the search working with the Sonos S2 App on my wife’s Samsung / Android.


Yes I agree @rogerty 

ive still got my search history on the app and previously it had shows and tags

i would expect mixcloud to come under podcast and shows now, but nothing

please advise, th



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Ok guys, on the controllers where this is not returning Mixcloud search results:

  • iOS or Android?
  • Is the S1 app still installed in that device?
  • Does that device have the Mixcloud app installed and is associated to the account linked in Sonos?
  • Can I see a diagnostic report submitted from this device? 

Same questions for the devices where this is working, something has to be different here but I’m not sure what.

Thanks Jean C,


S1 app is deleted

mixcloud app is installed and my mixcloud app is associated with Sonos 

worked out how to send diagnostic report, copy of number sent below 

Your confirmation number is: 1509408649

thanks Ian 

Hi @Jean C. 

Okay, I thouhgt it was clearly explained with my answer and picture before…

  • IOS/iPhone: there is still NO search result on IOS - like @Ian w.
    > Sonos S1 App is no more installed!
    > Mixcloud app is installed and connected with Sonos Controller S2!
  • Android, Samsung Galaxy S6:  there is a search result under the subject SHOWS which is missing in the IOS Controller as described before
    > Sonos S1 App is still installed!
    > Mixcloud app is installed and connected with Sonos Controller S2!
  • I did a diagnostic report of both devices
    IOS Confirmation Number: 1223132978
    Android Confirmation Number: 1830908897

Best regards - Roger


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Hello @Ian w. & @rogerty,

Thank you for your patience and I apologize for any miscommunication.

I just ran a quick test with this service on my Sonos system, which is iOS, no S1, MixCloud app installed and linked, etc and experienced the same gap in search results as you have described.

What I do not have is a corresponding Android controller where this is working well. It’s worth mentioning that in the iOS Sonos app, shows and podcasts are under the same heading all the way to the right and off screen so you do have to scroll to it. I did search for shows that I had located by browsing through the MixCloud Sonos interface and the Mixcloud app itself and am now quite stumped. The show titles I was looking for did turn up under different services like Spotify and SoundCloud but not MixCloud.

@rogerty, I thank you for your very thorough diagnostics and descriptive information but both of the diagnostics that you submitted came through corrupted and I am unable to pull any data from them.

I’ll have to do some more investigating to see if this is more widespread than just a few users.  

I am experiencing the exact same problem. I managed to start music from Mixcloudby going through browsing for music choosing Mixcloud and playing my queue from mixcloud.


I am not able to search for stuff on mixcloud any more - just says “no result”. 

I am using ios with the latest S2 app.

Same for me. Moved to s2 app and search function no longer works. Search history is there but no mixcloud options are found. Results in sound cloud and Spotify are good.

I have the same issue, hopefully an update will sort this out soon

I am having the same issues on iOS with Mixcloud but Mac desktop app works fine

I have the same problem guys...confirmation number 307070545

I have the same problem. After updating to the S2 app on iPhone, Mixcloud ‘shows’ no longer appears in search results.

Yep same with noticing search problems with Mixcloud, I have upgraded to S2 Sonos app and now I cannot search by ‘user’ for Mixcloud tracks and mixes - any idea when this feature will appear on the S2?

Hi @Jean C. any updates on this? Thanks!

Same problem here. Pitty cause I’m a heavy Mixcloud user. Love that platform :-) Is there a bug fix in the making? 




I also have the same problem When will the update to find the "Shows" section and allow research in MixCloud ???

quickly please 


Same issue here as everyone previous...